A thought on those that died 24 hours ago and those to die 24 hours on

It has been confirmed that death is a continuous occurrence. Countless numbers cross over to the other side of life each day and no man nor anyone can stop it. The World Death Clock Website gives an idea. Its a given, people will continue to die and the big question is, ‘What happens on the other side of life?’ The Bible also asks this question in the book of Job 27:8, ‘what is the hope of a hypocrite, though he may gain much, If God takes away his life?’ We cannot ignore thinking about death as we know that one day we all shall die (Ecclesiastes 9:5).

I’m reminded of people of great popularity that died during my time. These include politicians, celebrities, church leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, and people from every other profession you can think of. A quick thought bring to mind Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Whithey Houston, Brenda Fassie, Vuyo Mokoena, Miles Monroe, and recently Andrea Crouch. You know many others too. They all responded to the call of death. I lost both my parents and a brother also. I would have post their photos freely here but you would not know who they are. I will die too. I’m not being insensitive but am telling the truth which will not change even if I don’t post on this issue.

Late top celebrities
How they would die, they did not know. We may think we know what caused their death but in fact we do not, its what happened that make us think we know. In real fact, no accident can cause death unless God has agreed for the person to pass on. It is not surprising that some people die and there is hardly any explanation for their death. The wikipedia records some of such deaths and call it List of unusual deaths.

I can say with a great level of certainty that most people that die at an age younger than 40 thought their time to die had not come. Many believed they would recover from their ailments and get back to life as normal. Even though the Bible says that the living know that they will die, but people are never constantly mindful that they will die. By the way, those that died already were not worse of sinners than us that live, and those of us that will die in the next 24 hours are not worse still. Its that their time has come.

The thought

Do you think you will cheat death? Have you any idea of how you will die and how you will detect it at least 24 hours before it happens? Without being too spiritual, I would like to ask you some relevant questions. What makes you ignore the call to make a decision to follow Christ when you:

  1. Are not sure whether you will survive the next 24 hours from now.
  2. Cannot control sickness, disease and ailment that attacks your body anytime
  3. Your vital body organs work on reflex, these are the heart, liver, etc.
  4. Have been exposed countless to that the only hope is in Jesus Christ.

That Christianity is an enemy to people of the world and other religions is no surprise because the Bible mentions that it will be so in the last days. How then do you think you will escape the wrath of God if you neglect such great salvation while its time for grace ()?

It is God’s plan for you to have seen this post and not of your own. I suggest you get answers straight from God about the message of salvation. God is faithful and just to listen to you if you sincerely talk to Him right now. He will respond in His own way, one that you will understand.

My message is not of condemnation but a sincere call to consider Christianity, like many have, for the salvation of your soul after this life. No devil cares about your life now and even in the life to come. See how the devil abuses people that disobey God in the world today. The devil’s qualities are contrary to those of God which are love, kindness and joy.

To the Christian that reads this, know that no harm will befall you unless the Lord agrees. All things happen in God’s time. God loves us as He does His only begotten son Jesus Christ. Therefore, there is no need to fear death or anything. All you do is remain in God’s will and keep His commandments (John 14:15, John 15:14).

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  1. treasure sulemane says:

    Thank you for giving much time in teaching this so hard but undeniable reality and truths…God continue to bless you as you serve Him!

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