The Christian position on abortion and prostitution

large__330578210People have said many things in the name of God. Some of the things they say are Biblically supported while others leave a lot to be desired. I purpose for whatever I write in His name to be correct and be in line with what God Himself would say, and that people would consider and action accordingly. My message is not of condemnation and I know it might seem impossible to make changes today, but unless we listen and do as God requires, we have no chance of making it to heaven.

The world looks at things differently from God and that is why in some parts of the world, abortion is legal while prostitution is not. Worse still, some countries have made both these practices legal. I know these two differ in that abortion is not a business for the victim while prostitution is meant to be a business. In any case, allow me to express my opinion from a Christian perspective.

Until we realize that God is not pleased with less of a sin than just sin, we are nowhere close to impressing Him. It is no doubt that one day every person will have to account for the decisions they made not only for themselves but for people they ruled. I want to point to parliamentarians and other decision makers at any level of authority. This goes down even to family decision making level.

The South African government is an example of such a government where abortion is legal yet prostitution is not. On earth, or according to early standards, abortion and all other sins other than prostitution are better and therefore legal. God cannot tolerate any sin, small or big.

Food for thought for those in authority

Parliamentarians have no excuse before God for not making changes on whatever laws they found in place before their time. They have the powers to change such laws or at least to influence change. I would not be surprised if God would first judge politicians, kings and presidents. They have the highest position of authority and have the powers to turn things around for God.

On the judgment day, as always said, every man will be for himself. No one will have be saved by blaming others or collective responsibility based on democracy.

People have voiced their concern about abortion and nobody seems to care. Needless to say, ‘abortion is murder while prostitution is not’. Yet the world sees murder a less of an offense than promiscuousness. May it be revealed to law makers that they will be judged by God for all the laws they pass in parliament.

Focus on Prostitution in South Africa

Prostitution is illegal yet abortion is legal in South Africa. According to the ‘CityPress’ from South Africa, in an article published in their website on 17 January 2014, prostitutes in South Africa are not free to do their business because police officers arrest them when they find them working in the streets and they are sometimes fined.

‘News24’ in an article posted on 25th May 2013 reports another dimension, where sex workers complain of the treatment they get from health workers. In the same article, it is revealed that the South African government is concerned about the life span of its citizens, ignoring the fact that there are countless death cases from abortion as much as they are from sexually transmitted diseases.

Think about it

I could go on a quote more reports on prostitution, not only from South Africa but the rest of the world. The truth about abortion and prostitution wont change. It is sad to mention that many governments, politicians, religions and organizations are fooling themselves in this matter. Both abortion and prostitution are bad and should be abolished.

Ukubeda-ke cha, angibedi bafowethu. Yiciniso leli engilishoyo lapha.

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