We wouldn’t sin if we knew the pain it causes God

Sin and temptation, pull the plug to deal with them.

Sin and temptation, pull the plug to deal with them.

God feels pain to see His creation go against His will, plan and command. The pain that God feels when we sin is so unbearable yet we continue to sin without considering this fact. There are no earthly words to explain His pain from seeing people sin. Remember that He sacrificed His only son for the remission of sin and no father would do such unless it really matters.
Be reminded that God is holy, Jesus is holy, His angels are holy and Heaven is holy. He surely cannot tolerate any unholy thing. In this post I will attempt to express the pain He feels about sin in man. You will know that God does not hate man but the sin in man and He expects man to have that quality as well, ‘hating the sin and not the sinner’. God is in control of everything in the world but He cannot force His way into mans will. He gave man absolute power on will yet He calls all man to yield to His will.
Next I will attempt to give an explanation of the pain God goes through when we sin.

Unfaithful partner in a marital relationship

The pain God feels can be likened to the pain that a faithful marriage partner feels when the other cheats. If you have been unfortunate to be cheated by your partner in marriage you can relate to the pain God feels when we sin. The bride of Christ is the church and the church is a body of all believers. Jesus stands as a groom to the bride. Just like any groom or husband, Jesus expects a faithful bride. Just like when you get married, when you accept Jesus you become one with Him in the spirit. The pain one feels the other feels as well.
When cheated in marriage and you come to know about it, so many things come to mind. Most partners would want to disown the partner but also want to reconcile. Others tend to blame themselves for it. Some wish they would die while others want to fight. Your mind also gets flooded with the consequences that could result from this infidelity. It feels like it’s a betrayal that can cost you your life.

Losing a loved one to an enemy

This example is real for God. He feels really bad to see you join the enemy in deed even when you still profess to be on his side. By committing sin, you join the enemy in practice.

People in authority often undergo such occurrences where someone they trusted the most turn around and join the enemy. We see this in politics a lot. When a person joins the enemy he instantly becomes a threat to your life.
Think of a son who turns around and join the family enemy. Even if your son is troublesome in many ways, you still want them to be on your side. When your son comes out clear and declares that he now joins an enemy, you get so heartbroken you don’t know what to do. I have read about Muslim fathers that have disowned their sons because they became Christians, a religion they mostly cannot tolerate.

I lack other examples but this is just a tip of how God feels when we sin. The connection between God and man is a relationship issue. He doesn’t want someone so dear to Him, whom He sacrificed His only begotten son for to turn around and be an enemy. Sin however does that. One minute you are a friend to God but the very instance you sin, you become an enemy.

Think about it!

All that we do is open and in full view to God. When you fornicate, commit adultery, take drugs, disobey your parents, cheat, steal, tell a lie, etc. He is watching and listening. Would you then let God go through so much pain for a momentary pleasure in sin? Would you be blinded by a short term pleasure and forget about your eternal destiny?
Thank God He stands ready to forgive us of all our sins if we sincerely ask for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness means you purpose not to do it ever again. It means you will not live in sin while you confess it to God. You won’t be trying to fool God by repenting but still live in sin.

My Advice to you

Do your best to stop doing any known sin to you and to man. Pray to God for guidance and help. He will surely will unveil to you His will and send His angels to guard you so that you do not fall.

I pray that God makes this clear to you more than this post has attempted. Be blessed.

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  3. Ranjith says:

    Thank you for the wonderful advice. I’m trying to live a holy life. But time to time I give up i this mission. I’m addicted to watch and think of lustful stuffs. Your advice is made me think that I give pain to GOD by my sin

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