12 sins that are not obvious to man

Death is Real

The list of sins is countless, some are written in the Bible while others are not. In both cases, there are sins that are not obvious and from such I will pick just twelve.
Christians believe that sin leads to hell. It is only a person free from sin that will make it to heaven. There is no other way other than taking advantage of God’s free grace through the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for the remission of sin. Sin is the same, whether on earth it is considered to be a small and ignorable sin but to God all sins are the same.

Believe me, five years ago I wouldn’t have thought that some of the sins I will list here are actually sin. Through research, reading Christian books and continuous reading of the Bible, I have come to know that these are sin and definitely unacceptable to God.

  1. Masturbation. Health specialists and some pastors will tell you that masturbation is healthy and not offensive to God but the truth does not change, all sexual immorality is sin. Some would argue that masturbation helps people do less of harm (sin) to others but simple enjoy themselves while relieving themselves of their sexual pressures. When God created man, He commanded that they only enjoy sexual pleasures of any kind only in holy matrimony. All people, married or not, should abide by His command.
  2. Ridiculing and mocking others. Did you know that when you look down upon someone else’s work or life, God sees that in full view and does not like it? It is sad that this is a practice that even Christians do. Some would ridicule even pastors and other servants of God from other churches. Such practice is not acceptable to God.
  3. Gossip. This is written as sin in the Bible but people can justify their gossip in many ways. They would call their gossip ‘necessary discussions’. Some would say that they are unveiling the truth. It is therefore not surprising that some church boards and churches during denominational conferences engage in gossip without realising it. Countless websites, published books, magazines and press releases simply gossip. You will be surprised that some people work full time and get paid to be gossipers. Watch that you are not counted amongst these.
  4. Worry and anxiety. Worry does not benefit anyone. In fact, most of the things that people worry about never happen. Why then waste your energy in worry when you can pray to God for help at any point in time? Worry is a sign that you don’t trust God. On the contrary, God likes when we trust Him for anything. Why not adopt the attitude of trusting God? It is what will make Him happy.
  5. Uncontrolled anger. Anger can be in the mind, expressed in words and actions but it does not have to go uncontrolled. God allows for people to be angry but not in an uncontrollable way. You must learn to let go and live free from anger. It does not matter the cause of your anger, but it must be under your control.
  6. Prayerlessness. Many people, myself included, often forget that praying is a command from God. God did not give prayer as an option but it is a command for people to pray without ceasing. Prayer can be done at any time, in the heart or expressed in words but it must be done. Not once a day or twice, but it must be a lifestyle.
  7. Not paying tithes. Paying tithes has been a controversial subject for time immemorial yet it is a command to man. Pastors and deacons must pay tithes too. No one is exempted. For as long as you call yourself a Christian, you must pay tithes. The promise is that God will never let you suffer for paying tithes. You may look worse of from your pears if you pay tithes while they don’t, but having God on your side is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.
  8. Selfishness. I learn that Jesus used His money while on earth for two things; buying what He needed and giving to the poor. If you want to follow Christ that is what you should do. What’s the use collecting millions of dollars and when you die you realise that have not let the money be of service to God? Just so you know it, you won’t have control of your money after you have died. It doesn’t matter whether you have written a will for it or not. People may decide to nullify your will and you can do nothing about it.
  9. Bribes. Bribes have become standard in the business world today. Where I live, in Swaziland, it is common to hear of 10 percent kick back that is required from the person or company that wins a tender. Christians have deceived themselves to believer that God has blessed them with successful businesses when they know exactly that their success comes from bribes. Just be reminded, God cannot be fooled.
  10. The love for money. Similar to point 9 above, no one would agree when I say they love money than they do God. How then do you know if you love money more than God? Simple, it is when getting money would make you compromise God’s will and commandments.
  11. Fear. Fear is not from God but from the devil. If you fear anything, even fearing a snake, you must pray to God to help you overcome that fear. Fear will cause you to do things that are not right and you may find yourself sinning before God just because you are in fear. All the sins listed in this post could arise from fear. Fear is an enemy to the believer, shun it.
  12. Evil thoughts. God judges not only what you have done in practice, but He judges even the thoughts. You commit sin just be thought sometimes and to God you can be condemned to hell for that.

No one can be careful enough to keep all these under control, we simply need to keep a close relationship with God at all times. This we can do by living a prayerful life as already highlighted in point 6 above. His will for our lives is that we make it to heaven when we die or when Christ returns.
Remember, the gate is narrow and many will try to enter through it but will fail. Only by God can people go through to heaven on this narrow gate. I pray for you and I also request for you to pray for me too.
I encourage you to ask God on your own through prayer as to whether these are sin or not. He is all knowing and He will reveal this to you.

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  1. Pekwa says:

    Other sins are murmuring and complaining forgetting the good things God has done for us 2. Not doing the things we ought to do 3. Putting our faith and trust in our pastors and not God

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