Holiness standard result in more woman in hell while they are more in church as well

Small Sins lead to HellIs it common knowledge that there are more woman in church than there are man.  I believer that everyone that considers going to church want to inherit heaven one day and it happens to be woman that show much interest. Surprisingly, recent afterlife revelations reveal a contrasting ratio, more woman in hell than there are in Heaven.

I don’t like being the messenger of sad news but also I don’t want to keep the warning to myself. I may not be credible enough to write on this because I personally haven’t had a personal experience with Jesus Christ on this matter. However, I have heard about this fact that ‘woman have gotten used to sinful practices that they do not only fail to notice it but would also not want to change from their wrong doing’.

I am fully aware that many of my readers are woman that believe God is completely happy with their lives and never mind the things they wear, do to their bodies and even their practices. This post is not to provoke any of my readers to anger. I live with woman as well and I find it very hard to warn them of the things they do that God forbids. Many of those that I have warned have not changed yet I so wish they did because time is no more, Jesus is coming very soon.

The Bible warns about hell prepared for the devil and his angels, but those that disobey, even when God has leaked the exam, they will also will go to hell. Thousands of people have seen the after life and what they report about hell is not pleasurable. You don’t even wish for the worst person that lives today to go to hell when they die. People in hell today don’t wish for anyone to go to hell. It calls for love to spread such news that could make one unpopular.

The question that haunts me is this, ‘am I being fair not to warn the woman I see all around that commit sin before God’ when he has vowed to punish every offender (). That is why even in this post I want to sent the same message. I feel I should refer you to the sources that make me want to push this gospel of holiness to its limits.

Earlier I had written a similar post ‘There is likelyhood that there are Less Woman in Heaven – Victoria Nehale‘ , referencing Victoria Nehale’s testimony. Today I would like to ads the preacher, completechristianchurch.org, and an old woman in the video below.

In summary, the message to woman is that they should stop wearing jewelary, applying some cosmetics in their bodies including planting artificial hair in their heads and disrespecting their husbands. I recommend that you visit these revelators and take your own decision.

One Bible verse tie God offenders with one belt, ‘sinners’. If you do not repent from these sins, whether you are a pastor’s wife, a preacher yourself, daughter of a bishop, president wife, etc you are the same as those that do obvious non-Christ like practices.

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  1. Pekwa says:

    Musa let me add to this topic as a woman. Statistically there are roughly equal male and female births because God decreed that there should be an Eve for every Adam. There are more women in church because of the emotional make up of women which is different from men. However, Satan finds it easier to plot the downfall of women just as he easily tempted Eve. One of the curses as a result of sin is that the woman’s desire will be for her husband and he will rule over her. So the desire of the females is to be attractive to the males and this leads many into temptations like wearing makeup, jewelry, suggestive clothing, skin lightening creams, fake hair etc. Many of these products have been demonised. Females give in to fornication for material things and looking for love, resulting in unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Because of competition for beauty and male attention there is much jealousy, gossip, slander etc. When wronged by their partners there is extreme unforgiveness. Because its mostly females that raise children, where there are stepchildren cruelty and cursing are the frequently exhibited. Females are susceptible to using charms to trap their men and are more susceptible to false prophets as they love fortune telling. If you read Howard Pittman’s testimony it will tell you that only 20% of total christians make it to heaven.

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