3 Reasons why you should not let the medical doctor take a decision for you, even if it is life threatening

This may sound unfamiliar to people living in first world countries that medical doctors do take decisions for patients sometimes in developing countries. The rule could be in favor of the patient, allowing him or her to take a decision for whatever medical condition they face. I must say, without exposing my country, that we still have doctors that would take a decision for you.

I have a personal experience where a doctor advised me and my wife to abort a pregnancy but we decided to do the will God and leave the consequences of our disobedience to the doctor to Him. I wish I had enough time to relate my story, I hope to come back an update this post in the future. However, I have some advise for you.
Later I will suggest pointers to help you make a decision on your medical conditions but for now let me share the three reasons why you should be the one taking decisions in a medical situation.

1. You the patient suffer the consequences. It is good not to fight with the doctor when decision time comes, but let him or her give you options and possible consequences and then the decision should be yours. Did you know that most often than not, the things that you fear the most never happen?
2. You remain accountable for the decision the doctor takes, so why not take a decision you will not blame someone else if the outcome happens to be undesired.
3. God will judge you for agreeing to a decision that the doctor imposed on you. In this case however, even if the decision was taken by you, you will give an account to God about it.

Guiding rules for taking a decision are not many but one, ‘stick to the will of God and He will be equally responsible for the consequences’. By the way, it is okay for Christians to go to hospital and take medical drugs, its is allowed.

For your knowledge, devils are at work in hospitals and consultation rooms, if you will be reluctant, the devil himself will take a decision for you, using an ungodly doctor.

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