The only hope and Prayers of those in Hell

Hell is real

Hell is real

The Bible teaches about hell and that people that dwell there are damned for eternity (Revelation 14:11). The condition of hell is unbearable yet once you are there, you have no way of escape. For as long as God lives, people that are in hell shall remain there. There is no forgiveness or redemption in hell. As I write this article, there are people in hell that have already spent thousands of years in hell and they now know that when God speaks everybody should do as He says.

You can laugh your way into hell unknowingly when you ignore what the Bible teaches but you cannot laugh your way out of hell. Blessed and wise is a man who voluntarily yields to God’s will while there is time to reconcile with Him. Sadly, many will compulsively yield to God’s will when there is no chance to reconcile. The Bible says in Psalm 9:17 “The wicked shall be tuned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God” and that is just the way it is.

This article is not to deceive people to believe that for those in hell prayer helps and that the hope they have can save them. Not at all, hopelessness (Isaiah 38:18), fear (Psalm 73:18 – 19), sadness, torments (Matthew 24:51), darkness (Jude 13), and sorrow dwells in hell. It is sad indeed that it takes one ‘little sin’ for one to wind up in hell. Sins listed in the Bible are many and trying to keep them would be a fruitless exercise, yet God through the guiding Holy Spirit helps us know the right from wrong. The Bible says that God has written His laws in our hearts (Hebrews 10:16).


Prayers of people in Hell

Even though there is no chance of repentance in hell, but people in hell still pray. Allow me to reference an expounded version of what happens in hell, according to the Bible, as accurately informed by God’s messengers who have been taken on dreams and visions to experience hell. Sometimes I wish I would ignore these testimonies but it doesn’t help because I understand that ignoring the truth does not change it.

People in hell pray for a chance to repent, even if it means getting back to earth for a second just so they get a chance to repent. The painful truth is that they had opportunities to do so for many years but they simply didn’t use them. They pray for repentance because they fully comprehend that an approved relationship with God can only exist after repentance. Their prayers are fervent and no human in this world can pray like they do. Praying with a lot of passion yet it is all futile, their prayers do not take them anywhere better.  In all this, they have just one hope, which I detail next.


The hope for people in Hell

In the Bible, in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Jesus reveals that people in hell hope that the living will accept the truth and save their lives. Verse 27 of Luke 16 reveal that though now the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is preached to everyone freely, and for nothing, the rich man begs people to hear and receive it. Countless revelations have names of people that died and are now calling for their families to turn from their wicked ways. It is not surprising that may have ignored the call just like the parable says ‘…neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead’ verse 31. I pray that you and me are not one of such people.



May I borrow John Bunyan’s words from a document titled ‘A few Signs from Hell’ as I conclude this short message. I quote;

‘O poor soul, if God and Christ invited you for your harm, it would be another matter; then if you did refuse, you might have some excuse to make, or fault to find, and ground to make delays. But this is for your profit, for your advantage, for the pardoning of your sins, the salvation of your soul, the delivering of you from Hell fire, from the wrath to come, from everlasting burnings — into favor with God, Christ, and communion with all happiness — that is so indeed’.

The life of Christianity is a life of seeking God’s will each moment you are conscious. Never take a chance with your life, you have today to decide.

Be blessed!

revised: 7/5/2020

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I'm a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blessed!

4 Responses to The only hope and Prayers of those in Hell

  1. Joy says:

    I’ve had near death experiences and I know people who’ve had near death experiences.

    God is not so harsh. He will save those who are good souls if they ask for him to come and save them.

    If you end up in Hell, ask for him and let him know that you don’t want to harm others, that you want to be with God, and that you want to be in a loving place. You have to mean it from your soul/heart.

    In the meantime, try not to harm others. If someone is harming you, then try to come up with the solution that is least harming, to everyone, including yourself. The more you practice non-harming, the easier it will get.

    God is absolute love. You are on Earth to learn compassion. Most people who have died and come back to life have felt the love. I have felt the love. I even felt God’s love once when I was on Earth after I had done something very loving that was very difficult for me to do. He keeps asking me if I’m ready to die yet, but I’m not ready to die yet.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I read this and it literally makes me want to get down on my knees and confess all sins…I do cry for the ones that have already died cause it’s too late for them to turn their lives around..we still have a chance to turn to God..the only way is through the body of Jesus take him as your personal savior..and to take God as the king of all Nations..and to only worship him..we must be baptized in God’s name..treat others with love and respect even if they hate us.. have potty on those who do not believe and go and teach the word of God.. ppl think just because your a good person and you give up time and money it will get you into it won’t…yes it’s great that you have these qualities but you must live your life the same..not only give but to tell others About our Lord and our God…and to be saved so not have other idols and God’s.. because we only have one..and only he can give us eternity’s up to you what type of eternity you want to have..I for one don’t want to burn in hell…just the thought makes me want to cry..or having the people I love burn forever…please I beg of you to take Christ as your personal savior..

  3. You are very right with the truth about hell as found in God’s word. “They have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them.” Those who refuse to hear Moses and Elijah will be in hell, not in heaven. There are many places in America where false prophets are preaching heresy, giving people ease in their sins, and giving the unsaved hope that God does not hold wrath against the wicked. Thanks for your article. Keep preaching the truth.

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