What if Sipho Makhabane Died in the Accident?

We thank God for saving ‘Big Fish’ Sipho Makhabane in the accident he was involved in on Sunday 28th December 2014 reported by Drum, Times of Swaziland and couple of other sites and social networks at the time of write this article. This is surely a sensitive issue and I must say I prayed to God to help me relay the message without hurting anyone that will read this post.

The truth of the matter is, ‘the living know that they will die some day, as to when and how, nobody knows’ (Ecclesiastes 9:5). People, including Christians, die from car accidents and no one can dispute that fact. The world recently lost a prominent pastor from the US, Dr Miles Monroe in a flight accident. I also comment on this predicament in the post ‘What if Dr. Miles Monroe did not make it to heaven?‘ This happened not because God does not exist or the Mondroe family had sinned against God but we Christians know that there is a time to die and God allows for it to happen (Ecclesiastes 3:2). Similarly, Sipho Makhabane was not involves in an accident because it was a punishment for committing a sin but God allowed it to happen.

Again and again, people should remember that God is in full control of every little thing that has to happen in the world. This may not be comprehendible with the human mind but that is just the way it is. I don’t want to digress from the point I’m driving at for highlighting Sipho Makhabane’s accident. At the time of writing this post, Mr. Makhabane was in hospital, in a stable condition and recovering, which is surely good news.

Christians know that their God is holy, heaven is holy, Jesus Christ is holy, and all dwellings of heaven are holy such that nothing unholy can set foot there (). If then Mr. Makhabane died on the spot, which is surely not what we want for anyone, what would have become of him if his life was not clean before God? What if he was guilty of just one of the following common sins by Christian artists.

1. Smuggling own CDs, DVDs and other material across boarders. When Christian artists make it big in their music, they become popular such that they are not searched at some points for illegal practices.
2. Not faithful in paying government tax. Faithful means no creative accounting. Some people would be creative with their accounting such that they pay less than what they should actually pay. Sadly, some Christians often forget that God is always watching and you cannot hide anything from Him. 99% wont do for God. Jesus Christ taught on paying tax and no one should ignore that lesson.
3. Promiscuous. This is where many Christians are trapped. The practice of having extra marital affairs is unclean and God cannot compromise on it.
4. Love for money and fame. Money is the answer to many problems but the love of it will cause one to do things that are against God’s, making you a sinner.

There could be more of other things I could list, but the point has been made and I would like to highlight it in points form:

1. SiphoMakhabane could have died without having been warned about it, just like that could happen to you and me. Thank God we still have him and we pray for his speedy recovery.
2. If he had died with sin in his heart, he wouldn’t have made it to heaven. He would have gone to hell and the good work he has done would have not counted (James 2:10).
How then do you guard against winding up in hell? Salvation is to be worked on and not a once off activity (Philippians 2:12). Take time to talk to God in prayer and listen to His guidance mostly through the conscious. Do not commit known sins to you and the world. Shun all that is bad (1 Thessalonians 5:22) and live a life of repentance. Again, repentance means you purpose not to do that particular sin again.

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I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blog…be blessed!

23 Responses to What if Sipho Makhabane Died in the Accident?

  1. Thandeka Ncube says:

    thank God he is surviving by his grace. surely the devil is a liar. I like that song and its so inspiring.

  2. i thank you Lord for Serving the life of Our Courageous Father Sipho Makhabane

  3. when i heard of the news i thought the whole world has crumbled. Thank you Heavenly Father for serving Big Fish/ the devil is a LIAR SINGER

  4. Ntja Jim Monareng says:

    Thank you God for saving this Man for the Nation

  5. Ndondovedzai Engineer says:

    I thank the Lord for the life of this gospel singer for he inspired me so much.His beloved songs are my soul’s daily bread.

  6. Thank God for saving sipho,s life

  7. Praise be to God the almighty for saving sipho,s life.wishing him long life.

  8. Geofrey Mjema says:

    Can I know more the inner circle concept of Musawenkosi Dube

  9. you are one of the the most needed people in this world. the devil is a liar as you said. god bless u my papa.
    go siame.

  10. adam kamnyamata says:

    I was confused once I learnt this but became normal when I heard his availability praise God


    Devil is a liar. We thank the Almighty for sparing Sipho’s precious life. You will live for more 40 years Mr makhabane. we still need you and our children still need you. May the faithful God continue to promote you. We luv you.

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  14. Kashe muso says:

    He could join the heanly choir, and we could have also his memorial service in namibia. My inspiration.

  15. Kashe sam says:

    God be magnified, Makhabane ws saved, i wish to see hm before he pass on. in Namibia we need his show, though he retired. We cant just liten to him without seing hm.

  16. I thank the Almighty God for saving Sipho’s life. I was really worried, confused and conerned about this car accident and only prayed to God to save him.

    The devil is a lair as he explicitily sang it Siyawi isidonga -really this guy is a great musician in deed. He is a kingdom partner. So many Pentecostal songs Sipho originated. I love you Sipho keep it up.

  17. Rebekka Netshiozwi says:

    We really thank God that He help Sipho and we in Nam are praying so much for him so like his music the most of all when my friends and loved ones are no where to be found i wish he will also perform in Namibia one day the devil would not kill him he is under Gods protection we keep on pray

  18. mxolisi says:

    I thank GOD for protecting big fish we stil need him,and i pray dat GOD hill him faster

  19. nqobilé says:

    even if he was dead i will be glad that he will be taken to christ because he was done good job before he died,but we thank god that he has power to protect us in everywhere we go and everything happens for a reason god knows what his on sipho makhabane he will be fine

  20. We thank God for keeping The Big Fish out of danger

    • Thuli says:

      I know that our God don’t sleep, that’s why he keep him alive thanks God he is out of danger. come on sipho you have to thank him more than what you have done be for.

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