2 Quick Inspiration and Christianity Assurance Websites

Sometimes you need some assurance of what you believe in and I’m certain that a quick reference to scripture and testimonies would do. Christians are called to believe without necessarily seeing or experiencing some signs, however, a sign would not harm. People are inspired and assured of Christianity in different ways and sometimes you need such to lash out some issues you are faced with. You need someone who knows their story, testimonies that have evidence in the physical, Biblically supported and doubtless evidence of Christianity.

I personally have found two websites that help me grow spiritually. They do not feature just one person but many yet driving to the point of inspiring and assuring visitors that Christianity is real. There is nothing theological about the information shared but all is what has been practically seen, heard and experienced. It is my taste that I recommend you consider.

What I get from visiting these sites is not an up-sell, yes there are products and services on offer, but the focus in not on that. To me it seems like the focus is on unveiling who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is, their intention and role in humanity.

I’m happy if you dismiss one and stick to the other, whichever you feel comfortable with. You may take your time to check authenticity of each and then you can decide.

The sites are:

sidrothSidroth.org – Sid Roth, a Christian old man has dedicated himself to finding and invite people who have had practical encounters with God. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one in the context of this article. Take your time to read articles, watch videos and listen to audio material provided in this website and you most likely will have connected to God spiritually or in prayer before you leave this website.

spiritlessonsDivinerevelations.info – This website is not well designed and it is not attractive. At a glance you may think it is a fake and spammy. I guess its developers could make it look much better in the future but it really carries the material that will take your perception about Christianity to great hights.

This website covers testimonies of people that have had encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. I suggest that you go through a number of the testimonies as the vision barrers share them, pick according to your preference and explore.

I would like to conclude by saying that knowledge is like burning coal in your chest. When you know something and you do nothing about it, you are fully accountable if you suffer like the ignorant. In fact, the ignorant may be excused yet the one that has been exposed will be judged. It is therefore my recommendation and advice that you pray that God enlightens you now on what you will read or have already read in these websites.

Please note that some testimonies are featured in all three websites.

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