3 of many things the devil will use to fail you

your time is upThe Bible is the best and unquestionable reference for knowledge on how demons work. Testimonies are good also but they are prone to all sorts of distortions and unfounded stories. Demons are unclean spirits that seek to possess, manipulate, and to deceive people. In the King James Version of the Bible, demons are referred to as “devils”. Demons know that they have no chance to reconcile with God and therefore have one unwavering purpose of killing and destroy mankind (Revelation 12:12).

The Devil has a kingdom where he gives instructions for his team, the demons. Demons have mastered their skills over millions of years and without the help of God, a human being can never outsmart them. Demons were able to deceive man and woman whom God had trust in them even in Old Testament times. Consider the case of David whom God had said he was a man of His heart ( Acts 13:22). The devil through demons was able to deceive him.

Next I give three distinct methods of how the devil operate to deceive many:

1. Deception

The devil will give you a reasonable idea, one that is a norm in the world, ignored by many but noted by few, reversible in earthly terms, yet it leads to death (1 Timothy 4:1). A common deception is that of thinking that there are small and big sins, which I cover in a specific article in this blog.

The devil is comfortable if you do just one of the smallest of sins because he know that that one small sin will take you to hell. I do believe that many people have some form of self righteousness such that when they are supposed to repent they don’t because they think they are good people. Many pastors have the self-righteousness syndrome. These are people that will loose heaven when they die because they will think all is right between them and God yet that is not the case. No matter how Christ like you think you are, never ignore the call to repent.

2. The devil never gives up tempting you 

My brother and sister, the devil will not give up tempting you. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1 – 11), the devil knew who Jesus was and that He had all the knowledge about them yet he still tried his luck.

If I may ask you this questions, ‘how many times have you been tempted to lie or steal and you didn’t?’ Would you say today you don’t face such temptations because you won against the devils some time in the past? Not at all. Devils get instructions from Satan to keep tempting us into sin.

3. Influence 

Devils would make a bad behavior spread from one person to another and this is influence. Demons believe in the power of numbers. Devils know that people go with numbers, commonly known as democracy. For example, I have written on the spirit of nudity,
which was not so prevalent in the past but due to influence, it has grown over time. ‘If everybody does it, why am I not doing it?’ is what people say and it is for this reason that many are in jail today and countless are in hell. Make sure you are not counted on these. Know that in God’s sight you are accountable individually and not collective.

I pray that God through the Holy Spirit that dwells amongst the living ( Romans 8:11), may give you His insight into the tricks of the devil. Most importantly is that you win the battle and make it to heaven.

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