Would Jesus be in the VIP sits or on the commoners?

VIPs in churchSitting in the VIP section that often costs more, I sometimes wonder how Jesus feels about segregating those that can afford to pay for a VIP ticket and those that cannot, in a service that is dedicated to Him. This is common practice for services, festivals, concerts, meeting, presentation, sermons, etc. Surely, the norm is to open in a word of prayer and invite God’s presence. One would argue that this is a strategy to make a neat and fair sitting arrangement yet I can almost accurately guess that the aim is to make more money for the organizers.

If Jesus would come in person to our events today, physically appearing in the congregation, where would He sit? What would He say to the organizers of the event about separating people according to affording capacities? I would add by asking how does this differ from racism, apartheid an xenophobia? Then I would quote Romans 2:11, ‘For God does not show favoritism’ and move on to Galatians 3:28 – ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus’. Therefore, the father of favoritism is not God but the devil. All forms of it are an abomination to God.

Straight Answer:

I believe that Jesus would either pass by and sit nowhere because there would not be any section He fits well or He would stay with the commoners because they resemble humbleness (Philippians 2:8). About 20 verses would give you a lesson on humility that the Bible confirms from all that live and want to join those in the Kingdom. See the article ‘20 verses on humility’.

My suggestion

Allow me to be straight as probably Jesus Christ would be. Let the body of Christ discontinue the practice of segregating people in any form but charge the same amount and serve people on first-come-first-serve basis. It does not matter the event. On the other hand, I would support, and I think God would as well, segregating people according to their roles in the body of Christ.

I believe it is right to let the praise team sit at the front, elders and pastors to sit together, youth, elderly, etc. People of high profile in the country, like the president, parliamentarians, etc. should be given the position of leadership. It is not wrong to reserve sits for specially invited guests. However, this is not to say that the sitting arrangement should influence how you behave in the presence of God, neither should it be used as a scale of closeness to God.

How is this practical?

If our target is to make God happy and not anyone else, this would be easy to implement and there would not be any challenge. Those that don’t want to live according to the Bible, they are not ready to follow Christ.

I’m sorry if this will make my blog unpopular but I have to write this as is.

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