Apple Worker Abuse in China is Biblically wrong

Apple abusing employeesReported by BBC on 18th December 2014, China Labor Watch, has alleged that three factories of Pegatron violate a “great number of international and Chinese laws and standards”. The article ‘Apple Faces new China worker abuse claims‘ give details on the matter.

I watched the report on television and felt bad about the love for money (1 Timothy 6:10) that has forced many companies to abuse people. Worse still, some people allow themselves to be abused for the love of money. Biblically, breaking country rules of any type is wrong. In this case the case is on underage labour, contract violations, poor working conditions and excessive working hours. It was surely a sorry site. I suspect there are a lot more manufacturers that do the same in-humane practices. Its just that this time it came up for Apple.

Someone would say there is nothing religious and Biblical about this. I differ in that all that happens in life, what people do to others and to themselves goes on God’s records. Judgment is coming where everyone will have to give an account for what they did and the motives whilst in the flesh (2 Corinthians 5:10). Love for money is one sin, abusing people is another; both apply in this case.

God’s history forbids the abuse or oppression of one by another of people for whatever reason. He sent Moses to free His won from Pharaohs oppression (Exodus 3). The English Standard Version Bible quotes God saying, ‘You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him,…’ Exodus 22:21.

The good news is that this can change and God is ready to let the owners of the company make this right. Forgiveness of wrong doing is the pillar of Christianity. The Christian God gives people countless chances to make things right. For as long you are in this body, willing to repent and leave your sins, God is ready to forgive you. No one can enforce this corrective measure but the managers themselves. I’m giving this as an option that should not be ignored because it has afterlife consequences.

Managers, be careful not to abuse people in the name of meeting targets or for whatever reason you may find compelling. Being a manager means more accountability even to God for how you did your work.

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