5 Things not to do During a Prayer Service in Chruch

Fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

Fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

Prayer is the practice of talking to God whether in thought or audible. This post is on the audible conversation made with God inside the house of God by a group of people. God is to be greatly honored in His house.You may make gestures in prayer but all that you do must be within the expression to God and nobody else while you pray. Any other move that is not focusing on honoring God is not right.

There are many wrong things that people do while the church is in prayer, yet I will highlight just 5 of those things:

  1. Do not talk to anyone during prayer. It is time to talk to God and not anybody else. The person you talk to should also be talking to God and not you. The truth still remains that everyone will give an account for what they did, not only in life but also in church, disturbing others during prayer. You will be expected to account for this.
  2. Do not walk around. All other activities such as walking to and from your sit, pulpit, or anywhere should stop and full focus should be on the prayer. It is polite for you to stop, stand wherever you are until the prayer is over, especially when one person is leading the prayer.
  3. Do not play the music instruments. When its time to pray, everybody inside the prayer house should do just one thing, PRAY! When you play any music instrument, you may disrupt some people in the house. Some may then focus on well or bad you play, the song you are playing, the tune, and everything else that diverts the focus from prayer.
  4. Do not look around or have your eyes open. The old principle of closing eyes when praying still applies. Closing your eyes help you focus, it increases your level of concentration in what you are doing. You need not look at anything while in prayer.
  5. Do not wonder in thought. Thoughts are hard control but you can make and effort to keep thinking about the prayer. It helps to also start by praying for assistance from God to help you control your thoughts in the prayer.

Tips on prayer
Don’t you think God likes to get all attention when you speak to Him? Surely He does. Mighty as He is, He is willing to give an ear to humans. Your attitude should be that prayer is quality time with the creator, your true Father, who has plans for you even after this life. Pray and pray right.

I also support thoughts presented in this ‘Conducting Effective Prayer Mettings‘.

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