Why would anyone want to be Nude in Public?

nudist spiritMy answer will be direct but first let me give a few words thought. This is a question one may ask just by looking around on how people dress in town, clubs, and even in Churches. Culture could be one reason, especially in African ethnic groups but such nudity is not absolute and intentional. Often a cultural outfit can be defined as half naked or simply more revealing than the norm, but that is besides the point. The point is to unveil the truth about the nudist’s spirit that is today dressed up as fashion, human rights and advertising.

Before I answer the topic question, I want to give a brief Biblical background on why the liberty to nudity was taken from man. It is true that the first humans were created unclothed by God (Genesis 2:25). Adam and Eve were innocent in their nakedness, but after the fall everything changed. When they sinned, “the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked” (Genesis 3:7). Man sinned before God and the liberty to nudity was officially taken from man. Today in the time of opened eyes the truth must be known and this is the truth that nudity in all its forms has implications of sinfulness attached to it. With few exceptions, the Bible presents nakedness as shameful and degrading (Genesis 9:21;Exodus 20:26;32:25;2 Chronicles 28:19 ;Isaiah 47:3;Ezekiel 16:35-36;Luke 8:27;Revelation 3:17;16:15;17:16). The only passages in which nudity is free of shame are those that describe Eden’s idyllic setting or that deal with marital relations (Proverbs 5:18-19;Song of Solomon 4 ).

Direct Answer:

No one would like to be nude in public!

Anyone who is a nudist, like nudity, appreciated nudity and wouldn’t mind being nude in public is under the influence of devil spirits. Nudists may think its at their will, not knowing that they are under the influence. Sadly, these spirit will lead many to hell when they die’.

These spirits are poured out to the world and they have become acceptable in all area of life, worse of all is that it happens even in churches. These are spirits that parents allow to enter their girls and boys, without even noticing it. It is not surprising that many would never think about this as a devil spirit because it comes disguised in many names.

How to Discover this spirit and help yourself

May it be clear to you that when it comes to such issues, the opinion of your pastor, my opinion too, or whoever gives you their opinion does not matter. What matters is you, what the Bible says, and how you respond to it. When you die, God will not ask you about your pastor or anyone but about you and His Word, what you did about its message.

Know this spirit by that it will make you desire to draw people’s attention in a lustful manner.

How then do you deal with this? I suggest that you take it up immediately with God. Ask Him in prayer, pray and pray and pray and pray about this, be sincere. Do some research on this topic and Christianity. If you get those that support nudity, the notes and study their justification, do the same with those that do not support it too. Be genuinely objective and do the mathematics and apply yourself.

Whatever answer you come up with, make sure it is acceptable to God as right and that you are completely comfortable with it. Do not tire to enquire from the Lord until you get an answer. God hears our prayers and He responds in time. All He needs is for us to trust Him and get answers from Him.

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