Warning to Christians that Don’t pay Tax

Pay Tax ChristiansWhen the government or the national organisation responsible for collecting taxes, such as SRA, SARS,  from all that made revenue through any business activities calls for people to submit returns, many simply ignore the message and assume it applies to others and not themselves. They don’t bother to find out if their smallest of businesses qualify to submit or not. Even when national broadcasting houses emphasize the importance to declare and list related business that must submit, people simply decide to ignore the call.

Furthermore, governments try their best through various initiatives to locate all people that should pay tax but they still miss out on many. This is because many that make informal income do so at the comfort of their homes and some of these businesses can be really small.

It is bad that some of the people that ignore the call to pay tax are Christians. Jesus forbids the practice of not paying taxes and every believer that ignores the call commits sin.

Who is expected to pay Tax?

Every government has guiding rules to determine who should or should not pay tax. Generally, individuals who earn an income e.g. from a salary, commission, fees, etc. or a combination of these should pay tax. It doesn’t matter whether they are Christian or not, foreign or natives, small business or big, but they must comply.

If you make an extra income other than a monthly salary from formal employment, you must declare related costs and the income you made without any fear. The tax man will only tax you on your profits. Just declare and God will be happy with you too.

Defaulters are Offenders even before God

The worst thing you can ever do is not to declare even if you make the smallest of extra income on the side other than your monthly salary. Why not inquire if you are not sure so that you can be guided accordingly.

God will by no means omit the offense of not paying tax to governments. God is pure in holiness, He is for those that comply to the laws of the land, He hates sin. There is therefore no other way to explain it but to declare that all those that don’t pay tax God will reject and they will go to hell.

Tips for the Christian that wants to Comply

  1. Keep a record of the costs  that go into your extra income projects as well as the revenue you collect. These records will be useful when the time to declare comes.
  2. If you are not sure whether you should pay tax from your income activities or not, inquire. You may also get free information through the government websites, radio programmes, national television channels, or even through phone calls.
  3. Rather you make a guess and ask God to help you recall those major activities that brought you some cash and the related costs.
  4. Declare your losses even if you haven’t made any profits from your activities.

If you are to remain on the Lord’s side, you have to do what He likes. Don’t refrain from paying tax for whatever reason. Its not your problem that the money is abused or given to non-Christian religions, but for you to do is pay tax. Leave the rest to God and simply let your prayers known to God.

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One Response to Warning to Christians that Don’t pay Tax

  1. Hrh Lizzie says:

    Jesus commanded to give to Caesar what is due him and to God what is due Him ( give every one what is due them effectively)
    Many Caesars are not due our money from taxes or allegiances to them as they themselves have broken their coronation oath and or Constitution and if you look you will see legal laws that allow Citizens in such a case NOT to give a dime to the unfaithful and disloyal Caesar.

    In the UK its s 1 & 2 Act of Settlement if the monarchy reconciles with the church of Rome, papacy..

    IF there is a law that states not to then it is that law you must obey otherwise you will go to hell for not obeying the laws of the land as commanded by the Word of God

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