It will be painful for Disobedient Christians when they die and don’t make it to heaven

The aim of this article is to help Christians realize that they also with be judged with the same measure like everybody else. This is to me as well. God will not compromise His standard for any human. Only those that wait for Him will make it for heaven when He comes.

How painful it will be when some Christians die only to find that they don’t make it to heaven. This will befall all Christians that have been disobedient to God’s warning and chastening.

God is sovereign yet to kind to warn people in every possible way and not one will have a valid excuse when they are damned for their disobedience. God speaks to people in many ways. He sends His messengers, the pastors and preachers in a routine way through church services and planned sermons. This website and many other websites are tools God uses to warn people to turn from their wicked ways and be in good terms with the Lord. You are disobedient when a Christian brother, or even a non-believer, tells you that what you are doing is not right. You also are disobedient to God when the conscious condemns you for a thought, a deed and an intentional routine practice that is against the Word of God. The Word of God does not change and it never will (Psalms 119:89).

Christianity is not about trying hard to live right because no one can manage if that was the call but it is about a relationship with Christ that lives in our hearts. This relationship with Christ is based on obedience. Its not about how hard you try, but its about how much you obey God when He warns you or gives you instructions to wait, do or not do something. If you obey Christ, you will make it to heaven, simple.

  • Where do you get the instructions to live by? In the Bible and in prayer.
  • Who dectates the terms? Jesus Christ does. Preachers are only given to mankind to guide people but not to instruct them around. Be careful of pastors that guide you without basing such guidance in the Word of God. They may tell you to divorce your wife, yet the Bible forbids that. They may tell you to open a court case for some Christian brother that fails to keep a promise, yet the Bible promotes forgiveness for any offense, no matter what it entails. They may openly judge a non-believers and believers alike, mentioning names, in full view of the congregation, yet the Bible forbids that.
  • What do you do if you are not clear about God’s requirement? You consult with pastors, get guidance from the Bible and pray for an answer from God. God knows and understands you such that He will make it a point that you get and understand the answer in your own way if it calls for that.

I may have not exhausted all the concerns and questions that believers would have about the Christian walk. However, I believe that the three form the main pillars of Christianity. I also purpose to live by these simple rules so that I also don’t get a shock of my life when Jesus rejects me when I die.

Please note that articles in this blog support the notion that God is one in three; The Father, The Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. Where I mention one of the three, I could have mentioned any of them.

Be blessed.

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