Christian website with Adsense Ads or Godly ads only? A question I had to answer!

Adsense and Christianity.

Adsense and Christianity.

I beloved adsense had to go (at the time I first published this post) because money and God often part ways and at such instances one has to decide which direction to take. Nobody confronted me about Adsense in by blog but the relationship I have with Christ caused me to react. I have taken to follow Christ and let go the money Google Adsense was offering me. Now the thing is not the amount I get from Adsense but the principle behind putting these ads on a Christian website. To learn why I reverted to placing Adsense Ads on this blog, ready the ebook I wrote at the bottom of this article.

I have had Adsense running for a long time in this blog. I prayed about it because I was uncomfortable about it and afterwards my spirit was calmed down. I believe the Lord allowed me to let the ads run but then one day I checked on this site and saw an ad promoting internet dating and another one on lucky stars. These are ads that somehow contradict the Christian conduct and that I personally do not support. I then searched the internet on the subject of placing adsense in a Christian website.

Objective analysis on the matter brought me to the decision of removing adsense ad replacing it with Amazon. I have found out that there are option of further specifying ads that go into your site from Adsense. I give that advise in more detail in the last paragraph of this post.

I saw an article by a Christian saying, ‘Can you please remove mormon and scientology ads off of adsense for …’ and I could relate to this frustration. My reasons may be invalid to others but they are valid to me and they are the following:

  1. I find it awkward to redirect someone through an ad from a Christian website to something that is not Christian, the lucky star ad for example. This is possible with ads from Google. It is true that most ads will not necessarily be against Christianity but still some may still be inappropriate. The devil is always at work when we try to preach and he would surely make an effort to divert before they learn the truth on Christianity. In fact, I’m even considering scrapping of all ads in this blog.
  2. The money that you get from adsense largely depends on your traffic. As much as the issue is not about the amount you get but the act itself, for argument sake let me talk about the money issue. You hardly get a click if your site has less than 100 visitors a day. At the time of writing this article, this site is not popular to make meaningful money from adsense. It does not make even $5 a month. Then, is it really worth it?
  3. The relationship with Christ issue again comes to play. When you evaluate your priorities and the relationship you have with Christ, you may find it strange to look for money where His standards are compromised. Jesus Christ does not forbid doing business in the world but He advocates for clean business. To me, placing inappropriate ads seemed unclean.
  4. Closely related to the relationship point, I want to mention that God is a provider. If it is money I’m looking for in blogging, then I have to ask God to give me other options of making money but not from mixing Him up with things He openly dislikes.
  5. Options for making money with relevant ads are available. This website is highly targeted people that want to learn about the Christian conduct. Whether for criticism purposes or for personal growth, but they want to know more about Christianity. I found Amazon to be a better option because it from my site I can promote ads that I personally define and do not contradict with contents of this website. At least with Amazon from my end the items I promote are appropriate. I know that some books are not what they claim to be and that is not for me to critic but the authors have to account for that.

Everyone has their reasons for placing ads on their Christian website(s). I’m not saying it is sin to use adsense but I think it is not a good idea. Businesses vary and for as long as you are not stealing the money and are not promoting evil, you surely are doing a legit and justified business.

I understand that there are options of restricting Adsense ads that go into your website, but you may work day and night trying to adjust that. You’ll have to remove the ads yourself. You can either use the adsense Preview Tool and the Competitive Ad Filter to remove individual ads you don’t want displaying, or you can use the Category Filter and remove religious ads altogether.


Example Ad from Adsense that is not good for a Christian website: CLICK

NB: Just so I remain transparent and honest, I decided not to remove this article after bringing back the adsense adds. I have since been convinced that it is not sin and should I notice anything improper, I can correct it.
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5 Responses to Christian website with Adsense Ads or Godly ads only? A question I had to answer!

  1. Davo says:

    Finally, some common sense in a well written updated blog post that admits it is not a Sin to earn your bread via adsense, while being able to share the Holy Word of God. I’m sick and tired of people saying you can’t worship God and Mammon (Money), because adsense is not worshiping money! Receiving pennies via a website to buy food, and put a roof over your head while spreading the God’s Word is not worshiping money! Entire mega churches make a full 10% from Tithe money, and pastors drive Lamborghini’s, yet people online will not even visit a website if there is one tiny advertisement on it. Fair go, it is simply not fair Lord, “give us this day our daily bread”! Why should we not earn our daily bread online, when pastors drive around in Lamborghini’s with “God’s” 10% Tithe money?

  2. I am a Christian who have been doing non skilled web publishing for nearly 5 years now. And have used Adsense at some point. After about a year of use, I concluded there was no practical way for a Christian to make Adsense work. I have a fuller account on this here:

  3. Jude says:

    I love your write up

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