Watch out for the Dominant Defiling Spirit of Nudity

spirit of nudity in the church todayThe Spirit of nudity is prevalent all over the world today and it destroys a Christian’s holiness position. It dominates the world such that anyone can hardly avoid it. It is freely promoted and accessible from almost any bookshop, store, countless websites, in social networks, on television, and everywhere. The spirit of nudity comes to the Christian in a disguised form and often surprises him or her when they find themselves trapped in indulgence to it. Exactly the  devil’s objective, ‘tricking believers to get involved in the worldly practices of nudity’.

How you indulge is by watching nudity in any of its forms, by being nude in public or in inappropriate places, wearing clothes that reveal sensitive parts of your body, buying and keeping things that will make you yearn to participate in nudity. Many don’t like discussing the issue on nudity because it touches some areas of their comfort. I wouldn’t be surprise if many would ridicule and dismiss this post.

The spirit of nudity has been nicely packaged by the devil such that it is disguised even to the cautious. Take a close look at music videos, cover sleeves, posters, advertisements, internet ads, and you will agree with me that it has disguised in other widely acceptable agendas.  It is not surprising that the Christian may indulge without even realizing it. Its a spirit that has consumed the world such that opposing it in one way or another makes one look like a fool. Tempers rise when you try to correct people on this, particularly when it comes to fashion as well shall see later in this article.

The devil knows that the slightest yield to this spirit defiles the Christian and make them unfit for heaven. Exactly his aim, ‘destroying the holy life’. The devil also knows what the nudity spirit can do and lead people to sin. People have committed fornication, adultery and many promiscuous practices having been lead by the spirit of nudity. If you compromise Christian standards and accommodate the spirit of nudity in your life, you may find yourself doing more than just indulging is simple related activities. Know this one thing that the devil is patient, and never gives up tempting the believer.
Next I picked three major mediums the spirit of nudity rides on.


Porn is anything you view, touch or listen to that will trigger your sexual appetite. An exception is arousal from engaging with you lawful  partner in marriage. Images, videos, text message and anything that will get you aroused is porn. Watching animals copulate is also pornography. We see porn on television, on the internet, from mobile gadgets, in magazines, books and live sometimes. It is a spirit that is widely visible in the world.

Is porn a struggle for men only? Not at all. This is also not a struggle for non Christians but also for Christian woman. In 2003, Today’s Christian Woman reported that 34% of females readers of Today’s Christian Woman’s online newsletter admitted to intentionally accessing internet porn (

Men are serious victims of porn. This is largely from the fact that man are wired to respond to what they see whilst woman respond more from touching. Man struggle a lot, even when they do rise above the temptation but once in a while they find themselves indulging. The urge to watch porn often comes and when it comes, you often find yourself doing things that will eventually lead you explicit porn. One thing leads to the other and eventually you are watching porn. The good news is that your spirit within whispers words of caution for each step you take towards participating and if you are sensitive, you can overcome.

Fashion and entertainment

Fashion and entertainment is a trap for all age groups but the youth are prime victims. The devil targets every believer but he makes good success with the youth. Knowing what nudity may lead to explicit sin, he is comfortable with those that can keep the nudity addiction at personal level. The devil also knows that sinning against God take the mind to think and not necessarily physical engagement.

Fashion is an area where many Christians are caught by the spirit of nudity. They dress immodestly. Tempers rise when issues on dress code are raised. People feel they have a right to clothes of their choice no matter it affects the other person or not.

There are many standard fashion practices that contradicts with the Bible. The issue of modesty becomes relative to individuals but not the Bible. The world has difficulty separating the Christian from the non believer. 1

Peter 2:12 – “Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will give honor to God when he judges the world.” (NLT).

This and many other verses are largely, if not completely, ignored by the Christian today. Christians deceive themselves to believing that God adjusts His standards with times, a completely wrong thought.

Television is the main culprit when it comes to entertainment. Movies, music videos, printed material and documentaries on various topics have promoted nudity and continue to do so even today. Celebrities and the many occasions where they appear in public performing, promoting or presenting something compromises on modesty.

The devil has won many through the various sectors of entertainment. Watch out that you are not lured into getting used to nudity such that you no longer mind the devil’s impact in your Christian life.

Educational Lessons

The devil is clever to have made it educational for people to openly watch nude people just so a point is made. For example, when you teach unmarried people with the help of visuals how to use contraceptives like condoms you are actually promoting the spirit of nudity. These videos and teaching aids videos often leak to youths and unmarried adults.

Public education on sex related matters should be restricted to the married. Any materials should be kept safe and private from the ineligible. If adults would be careful to observe this, they would save their children from the spirit of nudity and even from many unwanted behaviours.

I warn you that not every Christian pastor, councilor or leader understands this tactical moves of the devil. You will hear many dismissing this but if you take time to think about yourself in front of God, having to give answers on how you fared. You will know that what your pastor or councilor told you does not matter but what you did. You may find yourself blaming your leader forever in hell because he mislead you. Why not take time to seek God’s guidance through prayer and then you may be confident about your position on the matters of porn, entertainment and fashion.

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