Jesus loves a cheerful recipient of blessings – Matthew 9:2, 22

Power in Praise and WorshipIt is amazing to learn that Jesus gives cheerfully, loves a cheerful giver and also encourages cheerful recipient of blessings. The aspect of cheerfully receiving is often overlooked yet it standouts as on of the behaviors Jesus encouraged in some cases where He blessed someone with healing. To be cheerful is being in good spirits, being merry.

Matthew 9 verse 2 relates a scenario where Jesus healed a paralytic. He first saw the faith of the people that brought the paralytic and immediately encouraged the patient to be of good cheer. It is like Jesus understands that a sick person has nothing to be cheerful off until his or her health condition has been restored. The greatest concern for the sick in their recovery.

In the same chapter, Matthew 9: 22, the Lord Jesus was touched by a woman that had a flow of blood for twelve years. Again this woman had faith that when she would only manage to touch the garment of Jesus Christ she would be made hole. Jesus turned to see her and proclaimed, ‘Be of good cheer daughter, your faith has made you well’.

Reading into the mind of Jesus Christ, it is clear that a cheerful person is in a condition of receiving God’s blessings that he who is sorrowful. Jesus likes when His people live cheerfully and it is a virtue. Thus it is encouraged no matter the situation.

To the sick and in need of Jesus healing. I encourage you that you take time to cheer for a moment, forget about your situation for a moment and in that cheerful state, open up to Jesus and pour your heart to Him. Tell Him that you want so much of His blessings, first that of healing. Our God is not deaf to hear nor is He blind not to see. Take a step of faith and Jesus in His will can heal you.

Be blessed. Amen.

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