How do you know if the religion you follow is not of God?

false religionHow do you know if what you believe in is not the true religion? How do you justify yours when everybody else can do the same? How do you take the message to your children when the education system in schools teaches children that all religions are the same and therefore they are free to follow whichever religion they feel comfortable to take.

I am a Christian. I have heard convincing testimonies online on other religions by people that unwaveringly believe in their religions. However, it always gets me wondering why people do not see the truth about God and the only way He has provided for man to unite with Him.

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If after you have worshiped your god but you feel the same afterwards, watch that you are not wasting your time on a dead god that has been elevated by worldly freedom of religion policies. Intimacy should come from worshiping your God. I still maintain that those who have not met Jesus Christ have had fake intimacy no matter how they define it.

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When you cannot communicate with your god, then you are missing the point. If your God cannot guide you through his word, should it be written down or audible and peaceful, then think twice about your god. God of Christians can talk to you in your heart or even audible if you let Him. You can try Him for yourself right away, be deligent and ask Him to talk to you in a way that you will know its Him and He will. Simply pray in the name of Jesus and you will receive your confirmation.

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If your god or religion has an age, say maybe it was established 3 million years ago, then it is in the space of time and it does not qualify to be a religon of all generations that ever lived. What kind of religion would leave out some and cater for the latter generation? Christianity has a direct link to creating, making it the only real religion that has seen everyday that ever was till today.

  • Indicator Number 4

If atfer you have had time with your god but you are not empowered to overcome sin, it means your god is a friend to sin whose author is the devil. If for any example you will be angry at reading this post instead of finding a reason to talk your god on behalf of the author of this article, think again about your god. He has not love for mankind and this in itself makes him a false god. Some religions have pushed people to commit serious crimes because it does not make a difference between what is sin and what is not. Some false religions will promise fake protection but encourage participating in sin.

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If what you believe in is an option amongst many, then you have equaled it to everything. A true religon should just be it, non negoitable and all consuming.

I pray that God may use some or all of the points above to make you think twice about your religions. Do not be tempeted to equal Christianity with any prophet, godess or anything. Christianity is non negotiable and is compulsory for those that want to escape hell after this life. Do yourself a favour by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your life before its too late.

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