Church goers may not be realizing that they actually are – I didn’t!

Church Goers

You could be a church goer, introspect yourself.

I am thankful to God for not dying earlier than now because I wouldn’t have made it to heaven. I was a church goer without realizing it. God revealed this to me through the testimony of some brethren that have published books on vision of the afterlife. It is not surprising that there even very resourceful websites that focus on these visions. I have noted the following ones which I commend for readers of this blog:

I used to be a tempered person and I was not ashamed of it. My friends and wife knew me to be expressive of my anger should anything go against my way. I used to judge others, openly sometimes, and think its ok to point at sin in someone’s life. There was a time when I was proud to be an intellectual amongst friends that are not. The way I expressed myself was full of pride. In fact, I used to like surrounding myself with the less educated so that I can standout for my education.

I used to rely too much on earthly structures to solve my problems than I did God. I know several times I tried to bring a number of people to justice by hiring expert lawyer services, even without considering the situation and caring for the involved souls. All this I did while professing myself to be a Christian. I would go out an rent pornographic movies, watch pornography online and even in my cell phone. I really was a bad person inside yet everybody thought I truly was a good person. I was deceived to believe that I would make it for heaven even when I did all those things.

I thought that people that would be named church goers did something more serious than what I did. I thought those should be smokers, fornicators, thieves, etc., people that commit the popular sins known to man. All my hidden sins were in full view before God and He was so patient and kind to me not to cut my life at that time.
I was a church goer without knowing it. If I had died at that time, God would have disqualified me. Given a chance to preach, I would have stood up against what I practiced. Oh I’m so thankful to God I’m alive today and still have a chance to correct all those things and shun all known sin.

I have to wind up by saying, ‘be careful not to be so full of church such that you do not listen to the Holy Spirit when He gives you instructions on how to live the Christian life’. Invest in reading the Bible and do take time to review the many testimonies people share online. Please do not be negative about these testimonies but give them a chance and reject those that are not inline with what the Bible says. Buy and read Christian books that will empower you in your Christian faith.

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I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blog…be blessed!

4 Responses to Church goers may not be realizing that they actually are – I didn’t!

  1. Pekwa says:

    Indeed many of us call ourselves Christians and pride ourselves in not committing the popular sins like murder, theft, smoking. We forget that we murder when we hate, gossip and slander. We steal when we dont pay taxes or traffic fines. We are addicts of food and television. Its Gods mercy that i am alive today to know the whole truth which i only knew in sketches

  2. Jidan says:

    I don’t think god protects us ,he just made us for struggling

    • I appreciate your view point. however, this world is not a place to be comfortable is because we spend just a few years in it yet how we live determines our eternal state after this life. I believe it all works together to help us like heaven more than any worldly good things.

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