What if Dr Myles Munroe did not make it to Heaven?

Dr Myles MonroeI pray that God help me express this concern with humble words and hurt no one but send the message across that after this life its not a matter of how well you have been rated in this world but how serious you have taken your Christian walk with Christ. The loss of Dr Myles Monroe on Sunday 9th November 2014 was received with great sadness in all parts of the world, yet he also is human and must meet the standard set by God to make it to heaven. I also lament the loss of such a dynamic Christian leader, in fact I sell a lot of his books in my Christian bookshop (softratesonline.com or soulchristianbooks.com). My sincere condolences to his family.

We all know that Dr Myles was a self proclaimed Christian. We all have been blessed by his sermons and encouragements through his many publications. He also visited so many countries, including our own Swaziland during the Unhlanga Reed dance in 2013. It was Dr Myles whose message of the richest place in the world being the grave yard that contributed to my courage to explore my potential in various spheres of life today. We appreciated him very much.

Considering his position in the world, we largely believe that he has made it to heaven. He was warmly welcome in heaven and now enjoys the pleasures God has in store for those that love Him.  He has forgotten about the world and the noise of the world has completely faded in his mind. He has entered the dwelling of a heavenly mansion specially prepared for him. He ha beheld the treasures kept for him where no moth destroys. He has joined the saints that praises Him daily. That is why we should not sorrow like people that have no hope but understand that our beloved have gained much more than we can ever imagine. He has joined the cloud of witnesses that encourage the living to hold fast to this hope in Jesus Christ.

However, if for any unfortunate reason Dr Myles had a hidden or secrete sin, its sad that he will have missed the heaven he has talked about so very much in his life. His condition is permanent right now. There is no option of changing his eternal dwelling now. It would be a great loss to the kingdom of God. It does not matter how many people he has led to Christ. We can only hope this is not the situation because we would not wished it for anyone.

My point is that we all shall face the permanent eternal condition one day. Somebody once said, ‘you can laugh your way into hell but you cannot laugh your way out of it’. If you ridicule Christianity and equal it to all other religions, you will lament the eternal damnation when you realize that Christianity is the only way to escape the eternal dungeon of hell. There will be no mistake of going to the wrong place; if you have been practicing any know sin to you, you wont get a compromised entry into heaven.

I encourage you to enlighten yourself about some sins that I picked from the Bible as I read through from Genesis to Revelation in the blog ‘sing update‘. The list is endless yet God through His word guides us unto the whole truth.

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  1. jeanie says:

    Myles is not in heaven

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