Qualities for talking to God in His mountain – by Doctor Osborn Hleta

This is not my sermon and I have no reason twisting it around. However, I have taken just a portion of what he delivered on the day. Doctor Hleta delivered this message at Matsapha Prison on 28 October 2014. I have to full sermon in audio format and can make it available to anyone upon request.

Reading from the book on Leviticus 11: 44, Psalms 15 and Psalms 24:3 – 6, Doctor Osborn Hleta highlighted the following qualities for those that will qualify to confidently talk to God in His mountain:


1. One who lives an upright life.

2. Working / gaining righteously. God is not impressed by the acts of service that are funded from unrighteous practices. Could it be from dishonest tenders, business, etc. Watch that you do not give got from your stolen lot.

3. Telling the truth at heart. People are good at telling a lie even when there is evidence, as long as such evidence has not been brought forth.

4. Not backbiting. Literal and direct translation of the word ‘backbite’ means biting people at their back, an unimaginable practice. People are popular for discussing ungrounded issues.

5. Does not do evil against a neighbor. Neighbors have turned enemies yet these should be in good terms even when there are reasons for enmity.

6. Does reproach against his friend / brother. If you have something against someone, approach them and sort things out.

7. Despises and never follows deeds of an evil person. Never side with a wrong doer even if you are in good terms with them or they are your relatives.

8. Fears all that

Dr Osborn Hleta

Preaching at Matsapha Prison about Righteousness and Holiness.

honour God.

9. Never turning from his promises. Let your yes be yes and no be no, and be truthful to your oath.

10. Not lending money to other at an interest, no matter the percentage mark up.

11. Does not take a bribe against the innocent. The rich can buy a case in a court of law even when they are the guilty ones. Don’t side with such people that oppress the innocent from the abundance of their wealth.

12. Has clean hands. Not guilty of taking that which is not his.

13. Not an idolater. Today we worship non sculptured images, for example, television programmes that hinder us from attending to God, the love of money and anything that takes the primal position of God in our hearts.

14. Has a pure heart.

15. Does not swear deceitfully.

The call is for all to consecrate unto God. The time short, something major will happen the world these days. We all better be ready by living a holy and righteous life before God.


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  1. Jongikhaya says:

    He is the Leader in my church. I always like his humility. He is a good example. May the Lord bless him for preaching such a powerful message. That’s the kind of life we need to live when we say we are in Christ and Christ is in us.

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