The Word of God that never changes – Psalms 119:89, Matthew 24:35

Holy BibleForever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away (KJV). Many people know that God never changes and there have been countless sermons on the same subject. The word of God is the same today like it was in the days of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and today in our time. Throughout history and all the generations that have ever lived in the world, God has never changed. We may think we fully understand this truth yet we may hardly understand its implications. Jesus then says, ‘I’m the same, yesterday, today and forever. I want to try and unveil what this actually means by relating to what we do today.

The church of Jesus Christ is suffering what is called ‘modern Christianity’. I know like you do what ill practices that used to be rejected in church that are now widely acceptable. Modern Christianity and the lack of respect for God and who He actually is has led many to believe that God is accommodative of the pressures we face in the world and therefore is bound to be flexible.

What was sin at any point is still sin even today!

The word of God does not work like fashion. Almost all fashion starts from one location and spreads to other places gradually. Depending on its appeal, it may spread to all the earth. Then the tendency is for people to accept fashion and come to terms with it. Even when it first was rejected by many, including Christians, but eventually it may become part of people’s lives and be acceptable. Once it has been accepted, some people become very comfortable and take it even to the house of the Lord.

Let us take an example of woman that wears trousers, not only in church but everywhere. I know that all over the world, even in America where all forms of fashions originate, at one point it was unacceptable for woman to wear trousers. The same applies for fixing artificial hair, nails, and putting on jewellery. Same sex marriages or relationships are no longer a taboo even to the holiness preacher today. There are countless examples of what is sin that we no longer regard as an abomination to God. In one of my articles in this blog I explain the vanity in naming sins yet sins. However, some sins are not obvious and a non-sensitive Christian may be accommodative and disregard the slightest discomfort that comes from doing that sin.

Woman and man alike may become sensitive when you pick specific sins they practice. Many would regard your rebukes as an influence from the enemy because you don’t want them to enjoy their money or the luxurious life they deserve from what God has given them.

My Personal Appeal to you

I know you are reading this article alone, and you have questions about what I have written in this article. Believe me, I also thought wearing a makeup, artificial nails, singing Christian lyrics as rap, and many other things is not an issue with God but I found out that I was mistaken. God does not change and does not like it when His people take Him for granted. When this was revealed to me, fear of the Lord came upon me because I knew all it means is that all these people that ignore His exhortation will die and go to hell.

The fact that God and His word never changes means that He will not compromise on the standards of entering heaven. Do not risk losing heaven for the sake of crowds that have made sin a common and acceptable practice. I write this not from a holier than you position but I humbly request that you give yourself time to think about this, prayerfully, before it’s too late.

Be blessed!


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