Once Married always married – No divorce, no remarriage with another

married for lifeI need not be a marriage councilor to know what the Bible wants from the married. If you are married, you have locked yourself up for your entire life or to that of your partner. No divorce, no remarriage  a separate partner but unity for life. I have always thought that if a partner in marriage commits adultery then the other one is free to divorce the defaulter but not with a Christian marriage that wants to inherit the Kingdom of God one day. Discovering this truth through a book by Michael Thomas Sambo made me fear God even more for the standard He has set for the living.

So many solutions have been provided by the world to a non-workable marriage and some come from well recognized pastors yet they do not support the Godly plan of staying together for life. They would tell you that God permits divorce for an adulterous marriage relationship (Matthew 19:9 – “And I tell you this, whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery–unless his wife has been unfaithful” (NIV))  yet that is a lie from the devil.

This verse is complete and straight to the point. If you divorce your wife, never marry another one because if you do, you will have committed adultery. This verse addresses man yet woman also do divorcedivorce their husbands and the same applies to them too. God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) and if adultery has the power to destroy life or lawfully terminate marriage, then every other sin can do the same because all sins are equally damnable before God. If then for any reason you happen to divorce, you have to wait until the other partner dies, otherwise you remain with one option of reuniting with your partner.

For it is not asking for too much for a believer to forgive his or her partner that has fallen into adultery. No matter how tough it is in your marriage, try God for a solution and never give up on Him and He will give you an answer. Stay in marriage and should you quit, know the conditions. Don’t compromise because doing so makes you risk losing heaven.

I also would have loved to address the issue of marrying more than one wives. For the many reasons that cause separation and divorce, someone may want to know if it is allowed to marry a second wife that will bring happiness while keeping the first wife. I wish I had time to reference my answer but the answer is simple, ‘no man is allowed to marry more than one wife while the other is alive’. Let me give you a challenge to study the scriptures on this aspect and give you a link as a recommended starting point: divinerevelationonholiness.org/book/chapter6.php

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2 Responses to Once Married always married – No divorce, no remarriage with another

  1. Mandisa says:

    Thnx Man of God 4 letting us know the thruth concerning this issue of divorcr and remarriage…..I involved in this 10yrs back bt my husband remarried again,so my question/concern is am I wrong if I get married now since he has a new wife after being a born again christian as we were not reconciled???

    • It is really tricky. However, if you got married formally, like say a certificate of marriage was issued and you vowed to be separated only at death, then you have to consider the Word of God. You are tied to him. Again, mine is to suggest but you will do good praying about it and get the answer from source, God Himself.

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