There is likelyhood that there are Less Woman in Heaven – Victoria Nehale

hellI believe the claim that there are less woman that make it to heaven is true and I will share with you why. Today are many divine revelations, testimonies, claims and philosophies that reveal the afterlife state of affairs. Some are false and some are true. I use the Bible to check authenticity and I also pray for God’s conviction on the matters. The other thing I do is research more on a particular revelation and see if there any supporting other visions or testimonies. I have done my assignment and found that woman have lots of things that defile them and make them unfit for heaven, thus it is very likely that the Kingdom of God has less woman than men.

The article before this one ‘How to be sure you are living a holy life‘ has justified why I believe in revelations of the afterlife. I know there are critics and some simply dismiss the visions but agree to the reality of holiness as the only way to make it for heaven (example site: ). I will introduce just one of the many that claim to have been taken by Jesus Christ into the afterlife, and I believe their report.

I know this one thing that convincing you is not my part but its that of the Holy Spirit.

Who is Victoria Nehale?

Victoria is a Namibian woman that claims to have been taken in a vision by the Lord Jesus Christ more than once. She reports to have seen many things and the damnation of those that reject Jesus Christ while in this life. Her first encounter was in February 6, 2005.

Cictoria claim to have noticed that a majority of the people in hell are woman. She said (I quote), “…The people in this place, were innumerable but I could clearly see that the vast majority of them were women.” I know that globally woman are more than man and therefore it might make sense to assume that woman will be more in hell as well (Sex ratio according to WikiPedia: 107 boys to 100 girls (934 girls per 1000 boys).

Not according to Victoria, but according to, woman do the following things that defile their holiness garment that a majority of man do not do:

1. Wear make up in some parts of their bodies, particularly the face.

2. Wear artificial hair of any type, even when it means fixing them to their natural hair.

3. Wear trousers even when such trousers are labeled for woman wear only.

4. Dishonour the authority of their husbands.

5. Fix artificial nails.

6. Like and put on some jewelery.

7. Wear immodestly very often, even in church.

Now that you may be thinking that I’m not in line with what the Bible says, do take time and research what revelations picked about woman. You may not find this in Victoria’s testimony but try others as well. Yes these are woman that lead church prayer meetings, pastor’s wives and more.

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    Joel Kall thinks the link below might help. The author of may not be in support of all that is said in the referenced page.

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    I like that and I need to read more on this issue of women and I think I can be groomed somehow.

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