How to be sure you are living a holy life

Holiness is not relativeHoliness is not relative and whatever is regarded as holy conduct in the United States of America should be the same for all other countries and the reverse is true. Many times people will justify their conduct based on their religious beliefs, geographical location, culture, the environment and many other things. The call to holiness has been set by God the Father as the only requirement for inheriting the Heaven.

If you are to follow this topic and find an answer, you have to believe in dreams and visions. God used dreams and visions (visions are “waking dreams”; see Numbers 24:4) several times in the Bible to communicate with people. In the Old Testament, Abraham (Genesis 15:1), Abimelech (Genesis 20:1-7), Jacob (Genesis 28:10-17), Joseph (Genesis 37:1-11), Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker (Genesis 40), Pharaoh (Genesis 41), Samuel (1 Samuel 3) had dreams and visions while in the New Testament it was Zacharias (Luke 1:5-23), Joseph (Matthew 1:20; 2:13), Pilate’s wife (Matthew 27:19), Ananias (Acts 9:10), Cornelius (Acts 10:1-6), Peter (Acts 10:9-15) and John whose experiences are covered in almost all the book of Revelation.

Today God still uses dreams and visions, and if they are in line with what the Bible says, we have no reason to dispute them. Testimonies of people that have seen the surprised damned so called Christians in hell wont stop telling the need to live a holy life as defined by God Himself and not in human terms. I know many will dismiss these testimonies when they reveal that woman should not wear a make up, trousers, hair piece of any kind, artificial nails and many things. Pastors should not fight over church members, not enrich themselves with offering and tithes, tithing is compulsory and many other things. A comprehensive website that I have found to be easy to navigate is There are a lot others but I would suggest you start with this one and redirect and search the web for more.

One thing for sure is that the standard is high and less than 100 percent wont do.

How then can I, living anywhere in the world, be sure that I’m holy as God wants me to be and if I should die I will make it to heaven? I will give tips and suggested practice to keep you pleasing to God.

1. Don’t do a thing, no matter how small, without having prayed about it.
Prayer can be even a short phrase like ‘God guide me, please Jesus’. When you send an SMS, pray that your message be what it is meant to be on the other side. There could a lot of misinterpretations that could lead you and the recipient to sin and fail the holiness test. Some prayer can summarize your activities, for example, when you enter your work place, you can pray for guidance for all your day activities in that job.

Praying for every activity is easy when you make it your culture, train yourself and grow to live it.

2. Don’t ignore any issue that makes you think twice about something you have done
or even something you are yet to do. For example, if you feel unhappy about a service you have offered to a customer, try to interrogate where the discomfort comes from. Could it be the words you spoke, the manner in which you presented yourself or whatever. When you get the source of the discomfort, deal with it. Isn’t it better for you to loose whatever it takes to make things right and gain holiness than to ignore something that will land you in hell (Matthew 5:29).

Why not wait until you are convinced that what you are doing is not against God’s will than having to work at cleaning up your mess. If someone warns you about something you are not doing right, you have the right to consult God directly. He is faithful and just to give you answers.

3. Be willing to pay for everything that you need.
If you can’t afford it, simply forget about it. Funy how affording people would want things for free. Many would want to use employer assets when infact the employer pays them enough to take care of themselves. Don’t push very hard for something that you think should be yours when it falls off your hands. Know this one thing that God has given you enough for your needs of the day, tomorrow will be provided for. God also chastens us to pay our treasures in Heaven where no moth can destroy (Matthew 5:29). We are also implored to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, after which all else will be added unto us (Matthew 6:33). Don’t be tempted to steal some money from the church collections if you are a Pastor or a Church leader. Remember that whatever we do, say and think goes on record. What will it profit a man to gain all that they want but loose their own soul when they die (Mark 8:36).

4. Strive to live and do what the Bible says, not what your pastor or anybody else says.
Did you know that when you face God you will be on your own? There wont be any pastor to help you explain. Not even your marriage partner will help you account before God. It will be you, what God had instructed you to do and the judgment. Fear no man that can only punish or kill the body and forget about the one that has the power to cast into hell (Matthew 10:28). Death is not the end of the story, this we all should know.

Ignorance will make you take whatever an influential person says. Learn to dig into the Word of God to find answers. I would encourage you to also carefully select Christian books (try this website: to help you know the truth and live it.

5. Work at correcting long term mistakes you have done and avoid creating new ones.
Humans make mistakes and some take a long time or even a life time to correct but it does not mean we have to live in those mistakes. Often when we find ourselves in trouble is when they intention was good or when we were still unsaved. Sometimes by chance we bend to the call of the world and then find ourselves locked up in a situation that dirts our Christian garment.

Debt is one typical example people often find themselves having to deal with. If you owe someone their dues, work at paying them off and avoid creating new ones. If necessary, make an arrangement to pay in terms.


God is next you each and everyone of us at all times, ready to listen and respond to any questions. Use the opportunity to talk to Him now while its time for mercy or it might be too late to make things right when you die. Intercede for yourself daily even to the point of death. The fact that you are living, it means you are an eternal being that has to decide whether to spend eternity in hell or in heaven; no limbo or purgatory.

Many will dismiss me and say no human effort can make a person holy. I would refer you to the verse that says we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). the Weymouth New Testament version says, ‘–labour earnestly, I say, to make sure of your own salvation. You may take pleasure in the commentary of this verse in this link

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