Three things that can make Your Relationship with God sour

Many things but three for now that will hurt your relationship with God.

Many things but three for now that will hurt your relationship with God.

God is a Spiritual being yet He interacts with the mortal with His Spirit. Believers will confirm that a right standing with God is very fulfilling and it is at such times when one has a healthy relationship with Him. Such a state of living is what God desires for every believer. Whenever a stain of sin drops into a believer’s life, the relationship gets a slight disturbance yet so significant it can lead to damnation.

I could go on and count a lot of sins that are common yet ignored, yet they do make the relationship between a Christian and God sour. Too bad that God require a 100 percent compliance to His will for making it for heaven.

Below I will list three things that makes the relationship between a believer and God sour.

1. Staying in Small Sins

This is closely related to the article I posted about divorce. No one, even God, likes people that justify a position of doing less of a sin than the majority. You will find people creating their own comfort in that they are not embezzling as much money as politicians, principals or whoever does. Before God, sin is just sin, no matter how we rank it by worldly standards.

A testimony by Victoria Nehale gives concrete evidence of a person that found herself rejected for a small sin of requesting a friend nurse to bring some medication from work. This was a genuine request but the reality was that the nurse did not pay for the medication.

God, who works a lot with the conscious, is faithful to sound a bell for every diversion from the truth. The only challenge is that He never forces one against their will but would request repentance and complete separation from sin. Furthermore, God will provide a way out of sin.

Its amazing how people that can afford services and products want to get such for free or through back doors. If you want something so very much, pay for it. If you cannot afford it, accept that you have to wait or forget about it.

2. Consulting the World First before God

Each time you want to take an action, no matter how small the action may be, God wants to be informed. When you open your eyes in the morning, just tell God that you are now waking up and you need His guidance all the way. He takes pleasure in being acknowledged and informed of every move you plan to take.

Often people would start off their plans with doctors, lawyers, business partners, politicians, experts in various fields, etc. Some would just rely on their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). Strange enough when things get tough, God then comes to picture. How nice would it be to remind God that you had informed or invited Him from the word go and therefore He must help you out even at the point of challenge.

3. Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is one thing that I fear most even in my life because it is entangling. Jesus spoke against hypocrisy several times (Matthew 23:13, Matthew 23:27). Sometimes it is not easy to realise when you have fallen into the sin of hypocrisy, particularly when you are in a position of authority, yet it is easy to notice when somebody else does it.

The Bible talks about participating in religious activities so that you can be seen by people (Matthew 6:1-34). Sadly, this practice is seen in churches today. The spirit of compromising what the Bible teaches is dominant in churches today. You will hear pastors on television, radio and other mediums telling the world of how good they are so that people may appreciate them. This according to God is a form of hypocrisy.
Other common hypocrisy amongst believers is telling what others should do to keep themselves pure from sin while you commit the same sins (Matthew 7:5). This is common for secrete sins such as sexual immorality, pretence of expressed fake sympathy, and failure to pay tithes and offerings.

May God help believers realise that the real call is cantered around making people disciples of Jesus Christ, not working on self righteousness and pointing fingers to others.

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