Divorce happens Though God hates it

Divorce as we all know it does happen. It happens for people from all walks of life. You will know that even Gospel artists like Benjamin Dube and Yolanda Adams have gone through divorce at one point. I have a couple of friends that have gone through divorce. OyakhilomesIt surely does happen even though God does not like it (Malachi 2:16). Reasons for a divorce is a subject for another article yet it matters because God encourages people from everywhere to forgive, especially believers.

These days the world is shocked to learn that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from Nigeria, the head pastor of Christ Embassy Church, is going through a divorce. Its hard to believe that people of his calibre go through tough times like these but yes they do.

It no blame game story but the wife Anita accuses Pastor Chris of adultery, a sin that is so prevalent in our society today. Pastor Chris, according to Saharareporters.com (photo by the same website), denies the accusations but does agree that the divorce is going on.

The expected thing to have happened for believers was for the wife, Anita, to forgive his husband. The husband, Pastor Chris, was not to live in sin but move on and repent. People that fall into sin differ a lot from those that stay in sin. I believe the wife would have forgiven her husband if he had just fallen into sin but never stayed in sin.

Whatever happens, the truth of the matter is that this should have not happened if God, whom the two claim to know very well, was involved and obeyed in all their dealings and discussions. God could have not said He hates divorce if He would not help people stop it from happening. Even though He permits it to happen, but most importantly He wants people to forgive each other. If you fail to forgive, you disobey God and if you stay in sin, you also disobey God. However, repentance and the chance to start afresh and do things right is always there. Divorced couples do remarry and get along again and that brings glory to God.

Believers from all over the World that come to know of this sad story should be on their knees praying to God to help save this marriage. That’s the support that every believer has the capacity to offer. The devil is at work and whatever God hates, the devil likes and promotes. Evil forces are always at work when a divorce happens. no human power can overcome these forces except through Jesus Christ in prayer.

I therefore call for Christians everywhere not to make this a laughing stock but a prayer item. We believers live to support each other and make sure we glorify God in our lives and eventually make it to heaven when we die.

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