Make serving God your Resolute Decision for a Lifetime – Joshua 24:15, 1 Timothy 6:12, Romans 12:2

Holiness defined


This article is taken from the Word of God where the Bible teaches about the life of Joshua. At one point Joshua declares that even if nobody else is committed to serving the Lord, but he and his household will not give up doing so. In Philippians 1: 6, Paul confirms that when God starts a good work in a life, He shall bring it to completion. God has committed to develop a believers life to a point where the believer is fit to do any assignment for His kingdom. This development takes several stages and it is process. Take an example of Joseph whom God had confirmed in a vision that at one point he will be a leader. The process of development took Joseph through rejection by his own brothers, betrayal, being sold as a slavery, temptations, etc. but eventually he became a leader.

Often God reveals to us the role we have to play in the church. To a believer that has gotten the message, the tendency is to expect an instant qualification to get started on the job yet there is a need for pre-development. God will give an assignment for which the believer is ready to execute but the process of development continuous for a lifetime. Throughout the process, God has His part to play and the believer has his or her own. This article focuses on the part that the believer should play – the determination to serve God.

Determining to serve God is expected from every believer. This should be a standing resolution for everyday life. God does not do this part but the believer does. Choosing to serve God is a voluntary decision.

Determining to serve God presents the believer to some challenges. Only two aspects of such challenges will be covered in this article; the social and the economic aspect.

Social Aspect

The temptation for a believer is to do as the Romans do, which is adapting to worldly standards, is ensnaring. This often contradicts with the determination to serve God. The first opposing force comes from within the believers desires of the flesh. The body we live in desires to participate in promiscuous practices whereas the Bible instructs for believers to offer their bodies as a living sacrifice to the Lord (Romans 1: 1).

It is unbelievable that people have become so used to a sinful lifestyle such that it doesn’t matter even to the believer. Today it seems to be a shame to comply fully with what the Bible instructs than to do just a part of the command.

The devil sends a message to believers that a Christian that the he (the devil) troubles is the one that is will make it to heaven. This is false because God’s expectation is full compliance to His Word and the pursuit for holiness. The devil’s trick is to trouble believers enough for them to believe they are truly holy and qualify for Heaven yet their slightest disobedience is what it takes to miss Heaven. However, God never stops warning people about the small sins and conformance to worldly standards yet people still fail to comply. God keeps giving people a second chance to do things right.

Economic Aspect

Economies are never stable, both at personal and national levels. This situation exerts pressure to compromise the truth in a believer. If Christians do not manage their finances properly or crave for money than they do the will of God, the situation can only get worse. This has sadly influenced many to fall for promiscuous behaviours such as bribes, theft, dishonest gains, etc.

Some believers compromise the truth for economic comfort while they defile the resolution to serve God. The call is for believers to trust in the Lord at all times (Jeremiah 17:7 – 8). God has committed to provide and protect His own (Psalm 34:7 – 19). There is therefore no need for a believer compromise on God’s calling for their worldly economic comfort. Short cuts are attractive yet a believer should be disciplined and follow God’s commands.

No One is exempted

Old or young, no matter the race, ethnicity, geographic location, the call is for believers to commit to serving God with diligence. He that perseveres to the end will receive the crown of life.

Inspired a sermon by Elder D. Nthjalinthjali from Evangelical Church – Ezulwini (Swaziland)


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