What is holiness and how does it feel?

Holiness Defined Biblically

The Holy Bible Defines Holiness

This is a question that many people want answers to because it is the essence of Christianity. Doubtless, holiness is the key to opening Heaven’s doors and settling there after this life, says the Bible in Hebrews 12:14.


What holiness is

Let’s keep it simple and go straight to the answer. You don’t need a theology qualification to know this and the definition should make sense to everyone that is objective and wants to get the answer and the truth.

Holiness can only be defined and be acceptable to God only if it is within the Christian perimeters. Holiness is a daily target for the believer. There cannot be perfect holiness for a person in this body because Christians do fail the holiness test sometimes yet everybody is called to it. Sometimes failure comes from getting revelations on something that a person did not know to be a sin. Such sins can be discovered while you read the Bible, listen to sermons, testimonies, personal conviction, responses from God in your prayers, etc. Dealing with those sins and diligently working at ridding yourself from them in your Spirit is what I define as holiness.

Being at peace with one’s conscious is not good enough in making holiness unless the journey is accompanies by continuous prayers for God’s help through Jesus Christ. Believers are confident that when they pray God hears them and He is willing to help them (1 John 5:14). Being a Christian is not easy and no one can manage without God’s assistance. No believer can attain holiness unless they have God on their side.


How Holiness Feels

I believe a person is accepted as holy in the eyes of God the moment they decide to rid themselves of sin. I am confident in this belief because God reads the thoughts and does condemn people just by what they think. Jesus says that if you look at a woman and lust after her, you already have sinned before God (Matthew 5:28). Many will agree with me that the moment you decide to rid yourself from a particular sin you immediately feel peace, even if you have not practically sorted the matter. This is only attainable when you are sincere about the decision to rid yourself of that particular sin. It could be a matter of getting alternatives to doing the same thing but the right way or just getting started doing what is right. A good example is that of deciding to prioritize payment of a certain debt even if you don’t have the money yet. The moment you feel peace about your decision, it is when you feel holiness abounding in your life.

Sadly, the holiness feeling holds only when you have no sight of sin in your mind and in practice. It is however simple to regain the feeling. Simply decide to rid yourself of whatever sin you discover to be in your account right away, seeking God’s guidance in prayer if you are not sure how to deal with it. In fact, even for ‘small sins’ you need God’s guidance.



Believers should watch out for the devil’s deception and false comfort in sin. An abomination or sin that is common and generally acceptable in churches such as wearing a make-up, body piercing like the ones for earrings, etc. does not cease to be so because it’s done by everyone. God will never ever bend or change His Word just to accommodate multitudes. Ask God to reveal the truth about the things we do in our bodies that are an abomination to Him and He is faithful and just to give you answers. Do your own research and listen to testimonies by people that have gotten their answers from God about it.

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