The Cost from Big Bank Accounts in Churches diverts from holiness

Big Bank Accounts in ChurchBelieve it or not, the Christian body is the richest community in the world today. There is nothing at all that the Christian community cannot afford to pay for. Christians are richer than any other religion by far, more so because they hold the true religion that come with the real provider Jesus Christ.

Look at the church closest to you, the Ministry run by a powerful man of God; Bishop, Pastor, Reverend, Prophet, etc. and imagine how much money and wealth they have accumulated over the years. Sources of cash are offerings, tithes, investment returns, etc. that come in daily or at least weekly. Most likely bank accounts for these establishments are big. Churches and ministries have secure and stable sources of income such that hardly any would ever go bankrupt. Believe me, most churches would not be affected in any way even when they had to give away all they had and remained with the reliable sources of income. They would re-establish themselves without any problem.

To these lavishly established auditoriums and big bank accounts, there is a cost that goes beyond material value. The cost is for LOST SOULS that churches have ignored. Even though such institutions are established by the Bible mandate of spreading the Good News of salvation, little of the collections have been committed to spreading the salvation message. Most of the money goes to the bank to keep the accounts growing. Some is reserved for the main man, the leader to use as he or she pleases. Your guess is as good as mine with the rest of the things that this money is used for. As already mentioned, it is sad is that all the cash abuse is at the cost of lost souls.

The reason for Jesus Christ coming to die for mankind was to save people from their sins. Therefore, all Christians are expected to fund this mission. It is true that the Bible mentions other assignments that need funding, but they are all marginal to the main mandate to win lost souls. Reaching out missions have not been so scarce as they are today. Christian leaders find comfort in using radio, television and the internet as reaching out tools, yet these mediums do not reach every corner that has people that need to hear the good news. The Christian leader that has control of cash and resources in the church should always be praying to God for revelations on how they can spend the money to continuously win more souls.

The church needs to expose works of the devil. The church needs to unpack the Gospel even to the people inside the church. Many church going Christians live a double life that will land many in hell. Surely some of the money should be spent in promoting holiness living without which no man shall see God (Hebrews 12:14). Some Christians continue to compromise the Gospel and deceive themselves to believing that God is a forgiving Father and will tolerate sin.

Do not be deceived, those that are responsible for managing cash and church resources will account for this before God. If Christian leaders would think about this in this way, ‘What answer can you give to God for having died with billions of dollars in the church bank account while millions of souls enter hell every second?’ You can also think ‘What good is it for a church to have a big bank account while people are dying in sin and are cast into hell for eternity?’

It’s a fact that death is certain and death will surprise many church leaders and cash controllers that have plans for the billions of church saving. Don’t be found guilty of not spending money that belongs to God for God’s purpose. This makes one unholy. There is still some more that the big bank accounts can do to save a soul. Pray and brainstorm together and God will direct you.

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