What Makes Christian man Relevant in today’s Church

Inside Mbabane Alliance church where the father's service was held.

Inside Mbabane Alliance church where the father’s service was held.

In my other mission of selling religious books or literature and other related material, I go around attending services where I display the books and make them available for sale. True but sad, in some places I make not even one sale whilst in other places it makes good business for me. It is interesting that I have grown to like participating in these services as opposed to just showing up to make a sale.

On 3rd May I attended a father’s fellowship service at Mbabane Alliance Church and was inspired by the lesson on what makes a Christian man relevant in today’s church. Below I list points that were raised by the fathers as pointers of what makes a relevant Christian man in today.

The facilitator, Mr. Shiba, split the group of about 60 man into two groups and gave each the assignment to come up with at least five points that make a man relevant. After a ten minute brainstorming session, the groups had raised the following points as presented by one from each group:


Group 1

  1. Spiritual soundness in all dealings
  2. Shun being a bench warmer
  3. Leading the family in a relevant way such as making the ‘green awareness’ of making sure lights are off when everybody is asleep, all gates are closed, etc.
  4. Trust worthy and fully functional in family duties
  5. Willing to work
  6. Outreaching mentality such as visiting communities and neighbours to share the Good News of the Gospel.
  7. Teachable / trainable


Group 2

  1. Put God first in all dealings
  2. Man of integrity and uprightness.
  3. Embracing the great commission, that is, preaching the Gospel
  4. Live and open and transparent life
  5. Study the Word of God frequently
  6. Submissive to leadership and also be a leader.
  7. Have clear goals and objectives in life


The facilitator then concluded his lesson by reading Psalms 119: 55 and 62, John 8:31 and 32. The Word of God should be priority whenever one wakes at night for whatever reason. He made an example of a person preparing for exams, no one tells him or her that it’s time to wake up and study for the exam. Similarly, a relevant man should adopt such a character.

Note: These notes are not the official copy of the lesson. I wrote these notes while I was attending and wanted to share them with you for free online.

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