Social Media in Church Communication

Thank you for coming back to this blog and read my work. Below is what I have seen work for my church and those from other churches on the social network space.  There are many of them out there, some more friendly to mobile devices while others to desktops and laptops.

social media, social networking, social computing tag cloud (#4)Very common social networks on the Southern African part of the world is WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Google+ and these have been used by Christians in taking the message of the Gospel to the world. These differ in many ways but all they do is connect people friendlier, sometimes cheaper and even conveniently. For Christians that often find it difficult to testify and preach to others, sending a text message has made it easier to tell the Good News of the Gospel.

The social media can also help make the church more organized. The church that I go to has a WhatsApp group for all connected members just for updates on whatever the church plans to do. This includes announcements such as upcoming events.

I also learnt of a Pastor in Swaziland, Pastor Bheki Thwala of Sword and Spirit Ministries, that sends daily inspirational messages to his congregants. Even though I’m not informed on which social media he uses, but I found this a good way to keep in touch with his members. This keeps the pastor relevant and close to the members at all times. Members can easily respond to his messages with a request of any spiritual assistance as opposed to thinking of ways to approach him.

A word of caution is that Christians should shun updating their social network status during a service of any kind in church. The devil has used and continues to do so with Christians that are not careful enough not to disregard God when He needs all the attention to Himself.  Sadly, God get angry when people loose focus and start updating or even walking out to attend their gadgets during the service.

If you have an idea as well as your experience on how the social media has helped Christians in one way or the other, kindly share it so we all learn and help grow the Kingdom. You will be blessed with the special satisfaction that comes with helping and sharing ideas.



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