The Bikini and Exposing your … Gives Power to Man!

Modest dressing upI was surprised to learn the effects a bikini can have on males from a video I will share with you later in this post. As you may know it, bikinis are widely accepted nowadays yet wearing them has power to influence a male’s mind. Strange and puzzling as it sounds, no male is exceptional, whether it’s a pastor, bishop, etc. The male brain reacts to scantily dressed woman and triggers energy to see woman as OBJECTS. Man switch to think of woman as an object to use rather than as a person. Surely when woman dress up the way they do they don’t set out to acquire this type of power from males.

It’s even too bad today that even young girls are not discouraged to wear revealing clothes. You are a witness to that woman of all ages now wear bikinis anywhere they want, making woman very careless about the power God has put in their bodies. They abuse this power yet they don’t want the likely consequences.

The creator, God Himself, created it like this such that energy of this nature should be triggered under certain conditions. This blog and the owner believe in the Holy Bible that dictates terms of revealing one’s nakedness. Everybody knows that answer to where one should reveal their nakedness, MARRIAGE.

I know I may not be qualified to speak about this but as a male myself, I don’t want to pretend as if I’m not affected. Enjoy the video below as a lady expresses herself on the downturn of a bikini.

May Christians, people of the light, cease from wearing bikinis.

Click here to watch: The Godly Truth About Bikinis – FINALLY Someone Gets It! from sharethemessage on GodTube.

photo credit: Marcus Vegas via photopin cc

May God give answers to the inner man in you that no other man can give.

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