Pull the Plug – Focus on Masturbation!


Demon of Masturbation

This article is a follow up on the post ‘Ultimate power to conquer sin – Pull the Plug!‘. Starting with that article will give a good background on why I focus on masturbation in this article. If you visit the article you will get to hear Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on a video defending masturbation. Allow me to give you reasons that make me strongly believe that masturbation is sin against God and not against your own body as Pastor Chris says.

1. Masturbation is results in guilt and depression, an emotional position that God does not like for His own.

2. Scientists or biologists have proven that the effects of masturbation disturbs the energy alignment of the body. You may watch the video below to hear what they have to say:

3. A testimony by a Korean youth artist that was taken to hell in a vision by the Lord Jesus Christ testifies having seen a man suffering in hell for masturbating while on earth.

You may have your opinion on whatever these presenters had to say, but knowing some of these facts give you the will power to overcome this practice.

If we sin, we have an advocate (1 John 2:1), yet we should not sin intentional.

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