Living a Double Life is Near You

Testify to Lost Souls

Living a Double LIfe

Jesus does not tolerate people that live a double life and if you hope to see it far from you, take a close look and you might get a shock of your life to realize that you could be a culprit.

Let me bring it to your attention that this website is largely based on testimonies by people that have had extra ordinary revelations and experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ. One of them, Victoria Nehale, mentioned that people that live a double life have their inheritance in hell. We believe that hell is real and those that live a double life will go there when they die. Evidence is by the many testimonies of people that have seen such offenders in hell.

What then could you be doing that makes you a double life person? Its not something strange but if you are a person that often fall for temptations to steal some time from your employer, snick out to satisfy your lustful desires of smoking, watching porn, abusing company assets like the telephone and everything else that when you do an introspection of you realize its not right to do, then you are living a double life. It is surprising that it is easy to see an offender or sinner than it is to do a self introspection and correct your ways.

Bad as it may sound, a person that is living an obvious evil life is better than the one that lives a double life. Jesus Himself mentioned this in the book of Revelation when addressing the the ‘Lukewarm Church‘.


I encourage everyone that will read this article to take the issue of living a double life seriously because there is nothing hidden in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ, and everything a person says, does and thinks goes into a record. It may not be a well known type of sin you are committing, but as long as it is unacceptable in the eyes of the Lord, it makes you a person that lives a double life

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