Are Christian literature authors enriching themselves with Sales or fulfilling the Call?

MP900309182Christian books make good sales because they carry the all-time message of the Gospel. The Gospel grows popular every day and I believe this is the will of the Father in Heaven. Can anyone then take advantage of this reality and write just for the sake of making money but not relay the message from God to fulfil the call to make every man a disciple? It is possible yet everyone remains accountable before man and God for the words s/he says.

When all has been said, God speaks to His people through the Holy Bible and through other people. People speak to other people in various ways, one of which is writing and publishing books. Some write articles for publishing houses, magazines, etc. all these are accessible to the believer. It however remains the recipient’s responsibility to descent the content and knows that which is from the Lord and that which is from man. Most importantly, knowing or discerning is difficult without the help of God. Not all correctly titled books are good for the believer but some badly titles can be good. Believers need to know and obey the voice of the Lord in all things, including what literature to buy and what not to buy. The believer should know that the devil is also at work through disguised literature.

To the believer, the following words are appropriate:


‘He lives in you, and so you can abide in His presence at all times. You can become addicted to His presence, and this is right, but you must learn to recognize Him in many forms. First you must recognize His voice in your own heart and then as He speaks through others. He will never be far from you and can always be found easily. He will always lead you to the truth. Only by the Holy Spirit can you see and know anything or anyone the way they really are. In the times that are before us, we will perish if we do not follow Him closely’.


Sermons, Bible study lessons and Church meetings


Many believers are weak because they do not know how to gather the God’s Words that the He gives each day. Almost every day of the week there is a service or meeting aimed at sharing God’s Word to people. The conditions still remains, ‘learn to know and recognise His Word to avoid getting mislead from false messengers’.


The Scriptures are the meat that the Lord gives to us, but His Words are also found in His living epistles, His people. He will speak to you each day through His people. You must open your heart to the way that He is found in His people if you are to partake of the heavenly fellowship.


Just as He said to Jerusalem, He is saying to us, “You shall not see Me until you say, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” This spoke of Him when He walked the earth then, and it speaks of the way that He is walking the earth now through His people. His Word may come to you through the words of a close friend, an author of a good book or one of His people who lived long before you through their writings. Just on that, I would like to recommend the website ‘’ for resources of old time Gospel advocates. God will also speak through those who do not know Him, but you will know that He sent them to you.



Don’t look any further


You don’t have to look any further. This blog has loads of summarised sermons from my Pastor, other resourceful articles, and some are from my own Bible study. You are also welcome to visit our Shopping page for more Christian literature to choose from.

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