Dishonest gain and Christians

Dishonest gain

dishonest gain

Dishonest gain is multi fold and Christians may find themselves involved. It’s not only the big things that go on headlines like the embezzlement of employer, church or government funds. Honestly speaking, it is human nature to work a way around to get things cheaper, free and if it calls for dishonest gain, people would make an attempt.

Take it easy and look at yourself to find real dishonest gain that you have to deal with – not paying your dues.


Outstanding payments as dishonest gain

Overdue payments in all forms make up dishonest gain. Knowing someone does not mean you don’t have to pay them, no matter the amount. Some people sent their kids to school, starting from pre-school level, but never pay the due fees.

Business people are common victims of losses arising from dishonest gain, especially SMEs. People get groceries and clothes on credit but never pay. Stealing from employers is also a big snare. People have become comfortable gaining dishonestly such that they even freely talk about it. Think of the company phone, vehicles, computer, printers, etc. that you often find yourself abusing for personal gain. In church, you’d see some abusing instruments, chairs, etc.

Laws of the land require people to pay some respective taxes but people abscond and try to beat the system. See how people justify themselves for not paying TV licences. This is another common pure dishonest gain. I know that a lot of Christians, particularly in Swaziland, need to improve in this area. Some people under declare their gain to avoid taxes.

Bribes have led to many Christians to compromise. They would try to give all sorts of reasons to justify the act, a real mistaken approach to sorting the guilt. People should listen to their conscious and not approval from people around them.


The Call

Change! All these are not acceptable to God for Christians. Self-control is the fruit of the spirit and it is a desired quality for Christian holiness.

It is unfortunate that all our deeds go on record before God and one day each of us will have to give an account. Christians know that hell is ready for such people, especially when they have been warned as this article does.

The ball in is your court.

Bible verses on Dishonest Gain

Inspired by Reverend J.S. Msane’s sermons from Ezulwini Evangelical Church, Swaziland.

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