The fear of the Lord that is lacking (Psalms 112:1)

Fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

Fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

The Words that are comforting to the believer in this portion of scripture is that ‘the one who fears the Lord is blessed’. Almost everywhere in scripture the fear of the Lord is emphasised. Theme supporting scriptures include Proverbs 1:7 and Psalms 111:10.  These verses tell us, the living people, to fear the Lord or God. However, people still don’t care what the Bible says about fearing the Lord.

It must be appreciated that people observe many of church practices such as planting new churches, offering, testifying, preaching, etc. but fearing the Lord is missing. Sadly, even those that confess loving the Lord and declare themselves as saved still don’t fear the Lord. Starting from Pastors to the all other places of service within the church, fearing the Lord is not seen. This applies to the whole church of Christ around the world. ctices such as planting new churches, offerings that ‘

Common practice is for people to show fear of the Lord while in church but when they are outside the church they live otherwise. Man, woman and youth have turned the Gospel into civilization.


What is the fear of the Lord?

Listening and doing what God says perfectly defines fearing the Lord. When the Bible instructs us to fear the Him means whatever God says in His Word; WE MUST DO. It also means that for you, God’s instructions bring happiness. The Word of God can also come through prophecy yet prophecy recipients should be careful to note whether such prophecy is in line with the Word. This is a warning because there are so many false prophets in the world today.


What the one that fears the Lord should not do

Your guess is right; ‘it is countless’. However, some of the selected are the following:

  1. Not telling a lie. God lives in truth and so should His followers. Liars are enemies to God but friends to the devil. Ephesians 4:25, Exodus 20:16 are a few of references that denounce telling a lie. Sadly, people often vow to tell the truth yet when they get the chance to talk they tell nothing else but lies. This is typical of court proceedings.
  2. Not stealing. People steal. For example, a teacher would often be found with chalks at his/her home. Kids at school steal pens, books and some money for others. In church, you may not always be lucky to forget your Bible and still find it when you return.
  3. Not speaking dirty words. Purpose not to utter even a single defiled word. Small as it may, the mouth defiles and hits harder than any part of the human body. Wives call their husbands names and husbands do likewise.
  4. Not selling the body. This is common today. People practice promiscuity a lot in exchange for cash. Note that being promiscuous does not only mean going to sell in the streets but also the most hidden and civilised way of doing it. The buyer and the seller are both promiscuous; they have sinned against God and show no reverence for Him. Man, be watchful of woman and girls that target you. Just a word of caution. The time to account before God is coming, where pastors and people of high positions in Churches that practice promiscuity will face their sins.
  5. No indulging is nonbeliever’s bad practices. The drunkards, drug dealers of all types, etc.


Benefits of fearing God

God provides for those that fear Him (Psalms 112:5). It also shall be good to the one that fears the Lord.


Danger of not fearing God

The unrighteous shall perish. They start suffering while in this world and ultimately lose their souls to the devil. Their bodies, financials, etc. start deteriorating right in their faces.

This is the message to all of the readers that get to see this post. God is calling out to all to stop dishonouring in the ways highlighted above and even more. You are encouraged to send this page to anyone you know, even when it means copying and pasting in composed email.

Inspired by a sermon given by Pastor J.S. Msane from Ezulwini Evangelical Church (Swaziland)

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