Christians that eat Halaal food (Mark 7:15)

Halal food and Christians

Halal food and Christians

What does the Bible say about eating food dedicated to ancestors or in honour of any other religions? Is it right or wrong to eat any of the food that is bares the names of such? Halal food may or may not be dedicated, just like any other food stuff baring a certain mark, but it is an issue amongst Christians as to whether it’s okay to eat Halal food or not. You may be surprised at this, particularly if you live in first world countries, yet I know for a fact that in Swaziland there are differing views in eating Halal food.

Recently, a prominent Christian pastor in Mbabane (Swaziland) opened a fast food franchise that bares and upholds Halal food. The public had mixed feeling about the move. I therefore believe that this subject is still relevant for readers who may be confused about this issue.

I pick Halaal food because it has a direct relationship to religion. I’m not aware of Christian endorsed food type yet Halaal is undoubtedly and globally known to be related to Islam. There are a lot of similarities between Christianity and Islam yet there are serious and sensitive contrasts as well. In fact, as I write this article, I’ m careful not to write something that will trigger controversy, riot and conflict from reading this article. This I do because the Bible commands me to be a peace maker at all cost (Hebrews 12: 14).


What is Halaal Food?

There are so many things said to define what Halaal food is. I haven’t done a research on this too but I know some people believe that Halaal food is dedicated in prayer to some god. Others believe that Halaal is all about certifying a certain standard for that particular food research on this too but I know some people believe that Halaal food is dedicatedr item. Yet, it conclusively is known that Halaal is not a Christian concept but Islam.

I really don’t know exactly what goes into having a food product bare the Halaal sign and I know that it remains an important assignment for me to find out. However, whatever Halaal food is all about, it does not matter because it is external to the body. Below are some Bible verses that address this issue.


Bible teachings

There is lot that the Bible says about eating food. The Old Testament and the New Testament has contrasting rules yet Jesus Christ, our guide and leader in our Christian walk, has help us out of the food controversy. If you read Mark 7:15, Jesus rules out the fact that food or any other thing that is external can defile the soul.

Peter, the apostle, once was shown a vision of all kinds of four footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things and birds of the air. It is obvious that Peter was careful not to defile himself with food that was considered unclean or common but to his shock, God declared all those animals clean and good to eat (Acts 10:11 – 16).

The Bible teaches us to eat any food if:

  1. The people around won’t be confused about your Christian conduct. This includes people that may believe that by eating such food you are part of the Islam religion or are supporting the Islam belief.
  2. You don’t know or are not aware that the food you eat has been dedicated to idols or any other practice. Please note that this is not to say that ignorance is good.
  3. It won’t poison or drug your body.


I may not cover everything to the core, but the good thing is that if you can read this article, you definitely can do a further study on this issue. I encourage you to do so and while you do, pray to God through Jesus Christ to lead you to the right answers that will satisfy you.

You are welcome to post your comments and ask questions where you need some more clarification. The more specific you are in your comments, the better it will be for me to give an answer. Be blessed!



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