The End is Near to Dictate the Future

its end times and people should prepare themselvesThe end of life in this world is very near for every living person yet it is the end that tells where an individual will spend their eternity. A testimony by Jennifer Pirez makes clear that the end is near and as days go by there are events that confirm it.

There is this one thing about the end that could be discouraging to the believer, ‘what you do in your last second of life in this world is what will determine your life after death’. No matter how hard, how successful and determined you may have been over countless seconds of your life to keep yourself holy, you may miss it in your very last second. It is even worse to know that getting to heaven is not a matter of confessing one’s sins and praying the prayer of salvation at the point of death but it is about living a holy life while its time enough to do so. John Banyan in his testimony on the revelations of heaven and hell makes this point clear. See video below:

This is not to say that no one can be saved at the point of death but it is tricky to wait until that moment.


The Devil Delights in This

Knowing the truth but not observing it makes the devil very happy. Why? Because people that ignore the truth and still suffer no immediate consequences grow to get comfortable with sin. They get so accustomed to sin such that they would do all that holy Christians do and think they are the same yet in closed doors they willingly and purposely engage in sin.

The devil also delights in people that are afraid to confess their sins and repent before Jesus Christ. I know people, and often I find myself battling with this, that have fallen into sin so frequent and they are aware of it that they feel ashamed or unworthy to face their sins and confess before Jesus and seek forgiveness.  Many forget that Jesus Christ is always willing to forgive and cleanse whoever approaches His throne seeking for His grace.

Not knowing the power a Christian has by believing in Jesus Christ makes the devil happy. I’m happy to know the truth and reality of the power I have by believing in Jesus. I even know for a fact that Christians are supernatural. It does not matter what circumstances a Christian faces, but s/he must fear no devil, bombers, murders or whatever, just like the Bible says, ‘Fear only God who has power to cast the body and soul into hell’. Not anyone else that can only kill the body (Matthew 10:28). Testimonies of Christians who became invisible when they were on target for murder are not scarce to hear about. Many other things happen to prove the supernatural nature of Christians. It however is true that the condition to enjoy the power from Christianity remains believing in Christ and keeping His commandments.


The Call

Being a Christian is a tough call. You need God’s guidance through the Bible and praying tirelessly to remain aboard. It naturally is easy to be a non believer than it is to be a believer. The source of strength is simply from God the Father Himself through His only son Jesus Christ.

What that the end finds you in the right place, that is, in the comfort of Jesus Christ’s supernatural protection. You may simply pray the prayer of salvation and pay no fee at all but be guaranteed of life eternal after death.

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