No excuse God accepts for Committing Sin

God accepts no excuse for sinning.

God accepts no excuse for sinning.

Many people have a justification for committing sin. A man whose wife committed adultery would think he is free to do the same in revenge and the partner should understand. Similarly, a procurement officer / manager would give valid reasons for having accepted some bribes hidden in the name of gifts. Many would find reasons not to deliver what they are expected to and give reasons why they did not. Patients would make deals with doctors to rob off their employers and medical insurance companies. Whatever the reason one could give for falling into sin is not valid before God. Even when you win the case in the court of law but the truth remains that God has not forgotten and will judge you on the same after this life.

Recently I covered the controversial issue of masturbation, which many would think its okay to do for reliving one’self from sexual pressure. The tendency is to compare masturbation to other sexually immoral activities with worse consequences such as rape, adultery and fornication. The latter sins may be considered more sinful than just masturbation. Sadly, before God all these are sins and they are unacceptable and remain ungodly.

Allow me to give more typical examples of the things that we may go away with on earth yet before God they remain an account for judgement.

  1. Injustice over employees – Some company managers abuse their powers to the detriment of some employees. Almost in any company, particularly in Africa, you will find an employee who either was questionably recruited or promoted or is paid / rewarded unfairly.

  2. Injustice on superiors – It also happens that some supervisors or managers fall victims of subordinates. In this case you may find a supervisors who cannot deliver because a certain employee is not cooperative for a funny reason.

  3. Injustice over citizens – Politicians and community leaders have a role to play in our communities and societies yet some take advantage of such responsibilities.

  4. Ignoring applicable taxes – This is straight forward and easy to explain with the help of examples. Not paying your TV licence, smuggling merchandise into another country and . Please note that these are dues that an average individual would afford. In other words, the issue in not affordability in this case but simply not willing to comply. Many would say things like, ‘the government is reach then why should I pay?’

The list is endless as you know it. These practices may have become a norm but it does mean they are right. As already mentioned, before God these things are on record for the judgement day.

What are the Consequences of Justifying your Sin?


  1. You never get to deal with your real problems that cause you to commit the sin. Instead, the sin breeds and creates more and more sins.
  2. The guilt never goes away until or unless you make things right first with God and then the people involved.
  3. Hell is prepared for those that ignore their consciousness whenever it gives a call to do right. Note that death usually comes as a surprise to many, you are no exception. Very few would know or expect their death while there is time to make things right. Also, the last minute repentance myth never works. Download our fist issue magazine on this very site to learn John Bunyan’s experience on how one person found himself in hell yet they had said their repentance prayer at his death bed.


 Suggested Solution

I suggest you humbly take a review of your life and deal with your sins with a Godly view, pray about it and confess them to God. Unless you do so, you are not free because you will face your sins when you die.

Sin is a snare and whoever says he or she has no sin is a liar (1 John 1:8). However, God is faithful and just to forgive those that genuinely repent and leave their sins (1 John 1:9). Humbly deal with your sins while in the time of grace, for after this life, judgment will already have been set.

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