Ultimate power to conquer sin – Pull the Plug!

Sin and temptation, pull the plug to deal with them.

Sin and temptation, pull the plug to deal with them.

Sin is a snare and the devil will never stop tempting you. It is true that you may win against the devil several times but unless you are routed and always willing to pull the plug, you may not sustain your holiness long. The Bible warns us that he moves around roaring like a lion looking for someone he may devour. It is also true that the devil knows that his time is limited and that the more souls he wins, the more damage he makes to the Kingdom of God.

I have struggled with sin also, sad to say, I fall also and it always feels bad yet God’s grace to save is always ready to cleanse me. I wake up again and each time I do I purpose to remain spotless. You may be struggling with sin too. I have read a lot online and watched a couple of videos of people that struggle with watching pornography and those that masturbate (click to watch a video of a girl that struggled with masturbation). Many confess having tried and found themselves trap on the very same sin they have been avoiding. I know how that feels and how powerless you may feel after falling into that snaring sin. Be reminded, ‘the devil likes it when we feel powerless and afraid to approach Jesus to confess the very same sin you confessed earlier’. The devil knows that Jesus is always ready to forgive people that sincerely come to Him for the cleansing of sins yet the devil still makes people fear approaching the savior.

Masturbating is a controversial issue because many people, even prominent Christian preachers like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, believe that it is not a sin to masturbate. Pastor Chris gives his reasons and you may watch him on this video.

I believe that masturbation is sin. I say so because it takes away ones peace of Christianity. My pastor, Rev. J.S. Msane declared on the pulpit that masturbating is sin. Remember, sin is sin for every living person. It might appear that this is an article for Christians only yet every living person is expected by God not to sin.

You could be battling with other sins, small or big in the eyes of man, but sin is the same in the eyes of God and it is an abomination to Him.
Fighting Sin

How then can we win against the devil?
You need the courage to simply pull the plug!
Pray for power to overcome sin each time you are faced with a temptation. If you feel like continuing even afterwards, do something to make the conditions none conducive for the sin to take place. I call this ‘Pulling the Plug!’ This is how it is done.

If the urge to watch porn online engulfs you, switch off the internet connectivity, don’t power your computer, do something else.
If the urge to masturbate comes, drain the warm water or close the tap.

You could also pick the Bible and read from it. You could also call a friend in just to keep you busy and forget about this urge to sin.

It sound like a burden and more of a fight against your natural desires. Yes it is, being a Christian is being a worrier against sin. Unless you are willing to fight, you cannot call yourself a Christian. Power to fight comes from God through prayer in Jesus name.

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