Males should Watch out for Abusive Woman

Watch out for Abusive WomanWoman, young or old, married or not, can be abusive to males and this is what man should watch out for. These abusive woman know and clearly understand the wiring of the male body and take advantage of it. This wiring is the same for both Christian and non-Christian males, ‘all man in their perfect health respond to sexual invitation’. The Bible warns males that such woman are present in the world we live in. Read Proverbs 5:3 -4 For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil, 4 but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Ecclesiastes 7:26 says, And I find something more bitter than death: the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God escapes her, but the sinner is taken by her..



I don’t know how they invited males in the Bible days but today they have many tactics and may use some of the following:


  1. Visibly show signs of loving a man. Watch out for the look in her eyes fellows.
  2. Admire the male audibly on a one-on-one and even to others around.
  3. Want to stay close to the man whenever time to sit down avails.
  4. Hang around the man at all times.
  5. Want to exchange electronic gadgets such as tablets and cell phones.
  6. Wear revealing clothes.
  7. Start touching when the male responds slowly. Most of the time this touching is in public. Funny enough, the world we live in tolerates when woman start touching but it does not when the man does.
  8. Talks dirty with the male.
  9. Real abusive woman even declare their love for the male they want to abuse.
  10. Talk about what she hates with other man but not you.



Man respond to these invitations but not in the same way. Others take a long time to respond while others are quick. This is caused by that some males are careful not to tarnish their reputation which may eventually get tarnished if they are not careful. This is normally the case with Christians. Non-Christian man may be quick while some may still take time to respond. Personality also plays a part in this issue.


The world that we live in protects woman such that when a male responds to a sexual invite, the woman that is abusive would in one way or another cry out for help, which is another way of abusing man. They may loudly embarrass the male who is responding by audible warning them about the advances they are making such as saying, ‘stop touching me’. They may harshly remove the hand of the respondent. They may talk about the things they hate about man when they respond to sexual invite. These could be phrases like ‘I hate man that rush to touching’. All this woman wants is the feeling of being loved yet she won’t give in when her net reaches for the fish she is looking for.


It normally takes time for a man to realise that the woman is actually enjoying the abuse she makes to them. By this time you may have tarnished your reputation and your testimony because she’s been around you making funny gestures and you allowed her. You may have no means of denying having made advancements towards the abusive woman and everybody would possibly side with the abuser.



Dealing with such a Woman


Even though she knows that she wants to or has abused you, she will react to any repulsive action you make. She might even be emotional, which will unfortunately tell the world that you have abused her verbally. Therefore, you need to be careful how you deal with the abusive woman. The aim should be to build and not destroy her soul but be firm in each move you take.


I suggest you do the following:


  1. This article is revealing how an abusive woman behaves. Once you suspect any of these, avoid such a woman. Don’t give her the leisure of hanging around you. Just don’t make it simple for her to practice any of the above listed signs.


  1. For anyone you meet for the first time and get a chance to talk to, let them know your religious position. You may not tell her directly but she might end up knowing who you are and that you are a Christians. You may reveal this when you discuss how each of you spends their time. I, for example, would say that I blog in a Christian website. I would also say that I have a Christian album pending in the studio. There always is a way to let someone know about your religion.


  1. Pray about this after your first suspicion on abusive woman. God will help protect you not to respond to the invites and keep your hands and mouth clean from sexual response suggestive talks.


  1. Play Christian music or a video that you like when you get time to listen to personal stuff. In fact, Christians should play music that reminds and helps them keep their fire burning. Music can make or break you, particularly when you are vulnerable to abuse. Some non-Christian music would encourage you to go on but Christian music will not.


  1. Never underestimate the power of handing around your rightful partner, that is, if you are married. You may call her if she’s too far from you and talk love to her. Talk about your kids and your plans for the future.


  1. Take a stand just like David of old did. David vowed never to look at a woman lustfully. If you realise that you may have responded in one way or another, pray for forgiveness from the Lord Jesus Christ who is always willing and ready to forgive us of all our sins (verse).


  1. Don’t blame her that you responded but sort yourself out. Forgive her and never have a grudge against her. This will help you quickly forget about this and move on with your life.


The abusive woman is in a game that she might win if you are not careful. She might tarnish your testimony or even lead you to fornication or adultery. The consequences are not at all desirable. You will soon realise that it’s not worth the hurt that comes with these consequences.


Allow God be your sole source of strength to fight the perverse woman that is in a mission to trap you – watch out for her!

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