Personal benefit of Pursuing Holiness

BibleWhat would one say about the benefits of pursuing holiness? First of all, how does one pursue holiness? Is it achievable or even worth the effort?

The benefits of pursuing holiness, which is basically working at keeping the relationship with Christ healthy, are countless, when in fact it is not easy to work at a healthy relationship with Christ (John 14:15) and fulfilling that assignment of working out your salvation with fear an trembling (Philippians 2:12). These two diligently done surmounts to holiness.

Personal benefits that I and other believers have realized in pursuing holiness include the following:

  1. You get to enjoy God’s maximum protection.Just like the army of Ammon, Moab in 2 Chronicles 20:22 that started fighting among themselves, God will protect those that trust Him. I have heard testimonies of people that escaped unimaginable traps from enemies; either they became in invisible, were accompanied by ‘angels’, used a different route, didn’t move as expected, etc. One Christian lady in our country was a target and thugs were hiding by the way where she would drive through just so they attack her, but she drove through that area without being noticed. This was revealed by the thugs when they testifying before the police. You don’t plan for this bud God does it to the favor of His own.
  2. You get peace beyond description. All good things only come from God. The best of which being in peace with yourself and God Himself. Like I said, the peace that God gives cannot be put down in black and white, yet I encourage you to work at your relationship with Christ to know what I’m talking about.
  3. Physical healing is one of the key benefits. If you trust God for your healing and express your trust in Him in every way possible, God is not deaf nor is He blind, He will give you healing. Do note that God chooses the way He wants to heal someone, for some it might take a couple of years while others receive it instantly, He would do that without consulting anyone.
  4. Eternal life after this life. This cannot be a sure case unless you remain diligently wait for His return.

Focusing on the third point, I want to share my testimony on how I received healing over time.

My experience

I used to suffer a lot from chest pain that was eventually diagnosed as GERD. This was way back in 1997 when I did my first year at university. It was truly a thorn in the flesh such that I thought this would quickly end yet it did not.

Later in life, while praying diligently about my situation, I was led to the knowledge of the true source of healing; pursuing holiness. This indeed was not easy to follow because I had to let go some practices that were not acceptable to God, destroy a couple of valuables, honour some statutory obligations and start yielding to the call to holiness living. This meant total commitment and surrender to God’s will, which really was not easy at all.

I may not clearly understand what happened in the spiritual realm, but I think the devil was left with nothing to show as evidence of my participation in his kingdom and therefore couldn’t stand between me and my God. My communication with God soon improved and my health also improved. Gradually I got over the GERD and today it’s almost completely gone. I hardly feel any symptoms such that as I write this article, I have forgotten when last I got an attack. If I were to guess, I would say 10 to 12 months ago. Praises be to God for His mercy over our lives.

You may try God on your situation and have your own testimony. All you do is pray and pray and pray and pray, read the Bible, read and read. I guess that’s not a tough call since reading has become part of our lives – simple solution.

Before I sign off, I want to bring your attention to a website on testimonies on what God has done and keeps doing for those that trust Him,

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