God and Jesus’ CV

God's CV

God has a record of His works and skills.

A curriculum vitae is an earthly definition of ones work experience, education background and skills. God has His but it excludes education because He is the all-knowing God yet I can cover a lot on His work and skills. God and Jesus CV may have a lot of similarities but also a lot of dissimilarities. I like the post written by Koko Ishe from Bible Study Ministry. I refer you to his post below that I also enjoyed a lot.


The Old Testament God

By: Koko Ishe

For years I scratched my head nearly bald asking why was the God of the Old Testament so harsh. I really did, I just did not get why He seemed to be in a rush to kill people or have people killed. When I looked at His resume, I saw that He drawn the entire world except for 8 souls, He rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, He sent nations in to sack and destroy other nations (killing the men, women, and children), He killed a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath day, He even sent His own people into a terrible captivity all around the world. Of course this was all justly given to those who were on the receiving end of this deal and I had no problem until Jesus the Christ came into the picture. The Old Testament God appeared impatient, but Jesus had a whole new outlook.

Jesus let a woman off who was caught in the act of adultery, He spoke peacefully, and He did not hurt a fly. Sure He ran off at the mouth and railed on the Pharisees for their foolishness, and He threw a couple chairs and tables when He saw the gambling and buying and selling in the Temple, but other than that Jesus was triple “C” calm, cool, and collected. Then Jesus the Christ dropped the bomb on me; He said “no man has seen God at anytime (St. John 1:18)!” If the men around Him had done like I’d done and read Exodus chapter 24 (verse 9-10), they may have thought they had reason to doubt Jesus’ words from that point forward. In Exodus chapter 24, it states that up to 74 men of Israel saw God and did eat with Him.

Jesus makes this clearer for us when He tells the Pharisees that they have never seen or heard from the Father at ANY TIME (St. John 5:37). Okay if we have never seen the Father at anytime nor heard His voice, then who was that the elders saw and ate with? The story does say it was the God of Israel, the same God that took the children of Israel out of Egypt. Who was that? In first Corinthians chapter 10 it says the rock that followed the children of Israel through the Red Sea, in a cloud during the day, and in a fire at night; that rock was none other than Jesus Christ. Could it be that Jesus was/is the Old Testament God?

Jesus told us that before Abraham was, I AM; certainly implying that He was around before Abraham. In Genesis chapter 1, God said let us make man in our own image. This is a conversation between two Beings, and one happens to be the One who became our salvation, our Lord and Savior, our King. So it appears that Jesus was a bit on the over-kill side in the Old Testament and more peaceful in person or in the flesh in the New Testament. I don’t think so, He was extremely patient with everyone, including with the world today. He is steadily giving us room to correct ourselves, to learn more about Him and to remove evil from our mind so that we can be just like Him.

I do not scratch my head anymore…well sometimes out of amazement of how great our God, Jesus really is. Jesus the Christ, the Old Testament God; study the bible and make sure you are approved!

Koko Ishe

Article Source: http://www.streetarticles.com/religion/the-old-testament-god



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