People are Hardly Impressed by your Christian Living

People Never are Never ImpressedWorking at impressing someone other than God is a useless toil. Whoever you may expect to tell good reports about your Christian life may not be really ready to give you the credit if asked to. People around us may applaud us for good conduct and impressive Christ like living only when it is convenient to them and most probably when they will be taking the glory. It is unfortunate that human nature has the ‘it’s about me attitude’ which makes it a natural instinct to point fingers at others if there is a chance to do so.

This reminds me of the experience often expressed by Christian celebrities on hate speeches, hate conduct and unsubstantiated claims of evil deeds that they often find themselves having to defend in public. I have seen this happening with Pastor Justice Dlamini and MP Timothy Myeni and other countries there is Mrs. Mbokazi Nkhambule, Pastor Benjamin Dube, Bishop TD Jakes, Dr. Creflo Dollar and many others. One time I was told by a friend who helps his wife in the gospel music ministry that people may go to the point of breaking your CD in your face just to express their hate for what you do.

I have learnt it too. Never should you let people give testimony on your behalf if you can do it yourself. You may think that they will be happy to give a good report on your Christian conduct but it is when they will jump for an opportunity to unveil and magnify the smallest of mistakes they have seen you commit.

It is then my genuine realisation that the most important person to impress is God and not anybody else. Not even your spouse can be impressed by your Christian conduct. If you are going to stand on the Lord’s side at all cost, be ready to defend your Christian position even by just keeping quiet.

I believe that God will lead the right person to this post and it will either prepare him or her for the journey ahead of heal the wounds from an unpleasant false testimony experience.

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    Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become ingornat.

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