An Olden time Offering Model – Exodus 25

Exodus Offering Guide

Exodus Offering Guide

In the olden time of Exodus as recorded in scripture; God gave instructions on what to offer, how to offer, and what the offering should be used for. This has been a revelation and inspirational to me. I pray that God give you your share of inspiration as you read through.


How to Offer

‘Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: ‘speak to the children of Israel, that they bring offering. From everyone who gives willingly with his heart you shall take my offering…’, taken from Exodus 25:1 – 2. This portion has some lessons for the giver. First, the giver should know that God has called for an offering from all people and secondly, that He is pleased when the giver gives willingly. It is good enough and necessary for preachers to teach on that God has called for people to offer but not to device tactics to influence them to offer. We have answered the how – offer willingly unto God.


What to Offer

In verse 3 to 7, the LORD gives details to Moses of the exact type of offering He wants. In other words, if you had any other gift or treasure you would want to offer to God outside this list, you’d have to covert it, exchange it for something that is in the list and then you can offer. This reminds of the story of Abel and Cain (Genesis 4), Cain’s offering was not acceptable to God because it was not what He wanted him to offer. Our God is upright, just and strict; never should we try to modify the offering God wants from us – a lesson indeed to me.

Tithes for example, is now a controversial type of an offering nowadays. This subject has brought a lot of confusion and is mostly rejected by many, even those that claim to be true followers of Christ.

Tithes are a standing instruction from God (Leviticus 27:30) for every living person that desires to worship God. I personally think that it does not matter whether you are Christian or not. God wants your tithe as commonly defined, ‘a tenth of your first fruits earnings’. It is compelling for me at stage to tell you that so many people are lamenting their stiffness to giving tithes in hell today. I got this from a testimony by 7 Korean youth that had a vision on hell. I believe them because none of their report contradicts the Holy Bible.

I received interesting feedback on tithes from a reader in this post Tithes and Offering for Businesses. I also wrote about this comment in the downloadable magazine ‘Holiness Advocate’, and will be responding to these concerns in the second issue (check the second issue if you read this after 1st September 2012).


Why offer

In verse 8 to 40, God give details to Moses on what exactly the offering He requested shall be used for. God wants offerings for specific reasons. To the giver, it is good enough to give the offering. To the receiver, it’s imperative to use it exactly for what God instructs for it to be used for. It is interesting to learn that God did not request for things that the people of Israel did not have. Never will God request you to share with Him something you do not have because He knows what we have and therefore requests a portion of it to use for His Glory.

Unfortunately, you are a witness like me that some pastors do not use God’s offering for His Glory but for other interests. Doing this is obviously undesirable in God’s eyes and if you are a Pastor and you happen to read this article, please make your way right and turn from abusing God’s money. The time to repent is now, after death it will be too late. You may not be lucky like others that got revelations on what punishment it is for abuse God’s resources – a scary thought indeed. This is a friendly reminder by the way, I know the Holy Spirit has already told you about this.

May I conclude by saying that it is time we start offering to God what He calls for us to offer, in the manner He wants us to and do what we have been instructed to do with the money and treasures received. It will be well with us if we obey the LORD. You are free to study the Word in other portions that cover offering, yet I recommend the Cutting edge Gospel of Christ method as a starting point into experiencing God in your life.

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