Healed through Gospel music proves that faith comes by hearing – Romans 10:17

Faith Comes by HearingThe Bible confirms that faith does really come though hearing. You may want to know why we need to have faith in the first place. Faith can make you well if you are sick, it can assist you receive good gifts from God and it will make you pleasing to God. Remember (Hebrews 11:6) that says that without faith it is not possible to please God.

Listening to Godly music, people, audios and videos makes your faith grows. Can you believe that faith that comes through listening to gospel music can heal you from any sickness you suffer from? Yes it can. I was amazed to have been led to the testimony by Dr. Nasir Siddiki on how his wife got healing over a two year period by just listening to Gospel music. You may take interest in his testimony by following this video clip (click).

You may wonder how it was possible for a sick woman to listen to Christian music 24/7 for 2 years and eventually receive healing from God. It called for perseverance, faith and belief which we all need to receive our gifts from the Almighty God.

This testimony gave me good reasons why I should not allow my son to be happy about any music that does not promote faith in Christ. It surely is a lesson even to adults that like listening to circular music. It goes without saying that if the music you listen to does not glorify Jesus Christ, it promotes undesirable character in your soul. It could be promoting vulgar language, lust, worldliness, etc. I beg you to watch out for devil’s tactics in music.

I know that for the sceptics, no explanation will satisfy. The choice is your; if you want to be a pleasing to God, listen to faith nurturing music and you will receive your blessings in due course.

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